Proud of my accomplisments, despite the snakes in the business!

As far as I can look back, I have always had a passion for music and for writing. I just didn’t know that I should combine both in order to enlighten my writing capabilities. Gavin Sheridan was the first to notice me and to believe in me as a writer. Since then I have kept writing and improving my skills.
I know that many of you readers enjoy my writings on a worldwide scale and I want to thank you all for reading me, no matter where you come from.
Today, I’d like to share a quite sad story that happened to me a few days ago. A few years ago, some people who are involved in the rap business discovered my reviews and other writings.The same people started enjoying them, praised them, rating them as « excellent » or « very good » and encouraged me to post on a frequent basis on their forum for promotional purposes. A few days ago, the same people who once praised me, turned against me, qualifying me as a « garbage writer ». All of a sudden, I became a « person from abroad » who had nothing to do with their musical scene ».
You might be curious to know why people who pretended to like me and who considered me as « important to their business » were stating that they couldn’t stand me.
Let me enlighten you about what happened. A local artist I happen to know quite well had a beef with another local artist; He simply asked me to make a review- which I did.
In my review, I was delicate enough not to mention the other artist. I simply put the music into words, using my talent as a writer to express artistic intentions. On the musical website I mentioned, most people were taking sides in favor of the person mentioned in the musical beef. Not only did they criticize the artist who wrote the song, but those people went that far to question my writing abilities.
After three years of full dedication to your local musical scene, after using my time for free, you decide to kick me out like the worst criminal without even a « thank you »? It is ok.
You know what, good people? Don’t bother yourself with my presence. Before you even started bashing me and spitting your venom against me, I took the wise decision to cancel my account.
I happened to be tired of the « white pride » mentality that was highly encouraged there among local emcees. Yes, I happened to be sick and tired with some racist mentality. I’m not like you: I consider talent and personality, not people’s skin color.
Also, I happened to be sick and tired of the backstabbing, the bitterness and the hatred that were prevailing on your message board.
Let me tell you what: with that mentality, you snakes will never advance. Within 10 years of time, I promise you that you will stay at the same level.
You got rid of me? Good for you. I really don’t give a flying fuck about it.
You point your fingers at me saying « You’ve just run a blog »? Yes, I’ve run a blog and I am proud of it. My Eminem blog is read worldwide, from the USA to Japan, Nigeria, European and many other countries!
For your info, I have worked with several magazines,been published on hip hop websites and ezines interviewed many interesting artists including Big Proof (I did it for Detroit’s ILL mag, just in case you were tempted to doubt me)…in other words, I am DEDICATED to my passion, so keep trashing me, I don’t care!
I know that my love for the music is genuine and that I do possess some creative writing skills. With or without you, I will succeed.
Copyright2006 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved

4 thoughts on “Proud of my accomplisments, despite the snakes in the business!”

  1. Isa,
    I am really sorry for all the bad you have gone through in the past few days…there are a lot of idiots out there…they try to make themselves look good…by using your skills and talents…because they have none themselves.
    Some people are jealous…because you are a strong, independent woman…and they know you are going places…you see the world from all sides…you write from the heart…you write for all the right reason’s… for the love of music.
    When you write…your reviews are for the artists ablilties…not skin colors…money…or any other reason… but skills. I respect that!
    You are very talented and have great writing skills…no one can deny that…you write world wide…everyday…on your blog…i read your blog everyday…i look forward to reading your blog daily…your news and reviews are the best…be proud of your accomplishments. to anyone who doubts you… they are jealous and can only dream of having you talent.
    I respect you as a person and as a writer…you are a friend…hold your head up high…you are going to make it… in the writing world…you will make it big…you have talent and skills…but most of all the determination.
    Never let one bad situation bring you down…over look it and move towards your next step…i stand behind you and i know all the fellow readers do too…we need you and your input. stay tough…were behind you!!!

  2. Je suis vraiment outrée par ce qui t’es arrivée!! Tout ce que tu donnes et fait… C vraiment une honte!!!
    De toute façon tu as du talent, tu es lu comme tu l’as dit et des gens t’apprécies dc en effet, laisse tomber ces abrutis. C assez décevant je trouve de voir que les gens changent d’avis comme de chemise!!!

  3. Oui, c malheureux ce genre d’attitudes…et je ne pensais pas que ces gens me feraient un coup pareil…mais je m’en sortirai, avec ou sans leur aide, parce que j’aime ce que je fais et que je veux vraiment réussir. Merci de tout coeur pour ton soutien:)

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