50 Cent Get Rich Or Die Trying movie review

50 cent Get Rich Or Die Trying movie review
Rating: 3.5 stars
Despite the fact Curtis Jackson aka 5O Cent had disappointed me a lot since the release of his Massacre album, I decided to give him another chance and to watch his movie yesterday.
The movie was pretty good, despite a few weaknesses. In Get Rich Or Die Trying, Curtis Jackson will tell the viewer his life story and how he came into the rap game.
Picture life in the hood: a young boy named Marcus lives with his mom. Marcus’ mom is a pretty woman who is trying to give her son the best life she can.
Even at an early age, Marcus shows some real interest for the world of rap music.
People who lived in the hood perfectly know that surviving is a constant struggle and making easy money seems to be the only resonable solution when all the government has to offer are welfare and minimum wages salaries.
Selling crack is one of the most rapid easy money maker- as long as you are ready to take the risks that go with it. Selling crack might lead you to the next county jail in no time and it also exposes you to the many dangers linked to the drug dealers; Making that choice can put your life in jeopardy; Marcus’ mom consciously took that risk and would pay it the highest price.
Retaliation from a drug dealer would tear Marcus from his mom at a very young age.
Marcus experiences the great pain to bury his mom whose body has been found burnt down.
Marcus now lives with his grandparents in an overcrowded house. The young boy doesn’t want to live a life of misery like is grandfather and soon learns about the power of the money. Living dangerously seems to be his destiny and the money he gets from his drug sells allows him to live and dress comfortably. Marcus buys a gun to protect himself. He is only a kid, but he has to take the responsibilities of a man.
Marcus gets initiated with the harsh world of drug dealers and involved in vendettas with the Columbians. After several stays in jail, Marcus (the adult Marcus is interpreted by Curtis Jackson), will find the love of his life, a young girl who will become his baby’s mama.
Rivalries, traitors in the world of drug deals, his involvement in the rap game as an underground emcee and his offensive lyrics will put Marcus’ life in real danger. After robbing a rival clan and having one of their boys in ransom( the boy will be released a while afterwards), Marcus and his gang will make some real enemies. His girlfriend will receive some deaththreats from Marcus’ fake friend (who will be revealed as his mom’s murderer at the end of the movie.)
As Marcus crosses the road, he gets shot nine times. While being shot, the illusion of hearing his mom’s voice will save his life. The killer will miss his goal and shoot him into the mouth instead of targettig his forehead. Marcus’ family will drive their wounded relative to the hospital. Marcus died in the truck, but the doctors were able to reanimate him.
His near death experience and his several months little son will motivate Marcus to run his career as a rapper. Back to the club, his music gets played and enjoyed by his public.
However, his mom’s murderer shows up, trying to squash the beef in an hypocritical way and faking love towards his rival. The traitor will admit that he killed Marcus’ mom and Marcus’ manager will kill him with no mercy.
Marcus keeps walking, looking forward at a brighter future.
Weaknesses of the movie
The love scenes were not convincing enough in my opinion and it is mainly due to Curtis’ partner in the movie.
Strength of the movie
5O Cent exposes the poignant details of his life story. The movie teaches anybody of us great life lessons that we should be able to remember:
– you ain’t nobody without money: money is power, power is respect.
– no matter how low you fall, no matter how dark your situation looks like, your willpower can get you out.
Globally, 50 Cent showed some good acting skills and I enjoyed most of the movie.
I think it is worth your attention if you haven’t seen it yet.
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7 thoughts on “50 Cent Get Rich Or Die Trying movie review”

  1. It’s a good movie…but i liked 8 mile better…i wish they would do another movie about Em and tell all… on his life…family…how he made it big. i think i like Em,so much because he started out like the rest of us…he made it big…we can make it big…it can be done!!!

  2. I don t know…all those “Em is starring in a new movie” news are unreliable if you ask me…they gave him so many roles (theoretically) but we never saw him playing in another movie since 8 Mile, but Donna, i am happy it is so. i hope he will keep doing his music…what i want most is to hear him on a new song…a good song, not a song that will resemble Ass Like That lol
    Well i think he is working on the next D12 album…

  3. I agree…i love his sound…especially when he sings solo. i love his songs that mean something to him…cleaning out my closet…when i’m gone…etc. he has a lot of skills!!!

  4. Sure 8 Mile was all that, but Get rich or die trying isn’t about battling and disses. Its about getting up and living to fvight another day. Too many times we give up on ourselves and opne another that we fail to see the light on the other side of the tunnel. 50 displays incredible acting ability and shows how never giving up in yourself can draw you closer to your dreams. Sure there’s going to hurdles, but how boring a journey would it be if it didn’t have challenges. Whether you come from the hood, or the streets – it don’t matter – you can make

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