First impressions from London

First impressions from London
After a few days of absence, I’d like to share my impressions about the British Capital with all of you.
My trip to London was a quite crazy ride. I missed my first train from Brussels to London, because the Brussels train station is such a mess!
However, the three of us arrived safely at the London Waterloo train station. The way the tube station works is not much different from the Paris underground station.
So, dear readers, I guess you are probably curious about my opinion regarding London and its inhabitants.
London is made of an incredible melting pot of different people of all races and origins, which is really fantastic. I must say that I like it very much.
Most of the people I talked to for the moment seem to be friendly and open minded.
Unlike France, you don’t have the feeling that people have to face racial discrimination of any kind in the UK.
Blacks , Chinese, Pakistanis, Indian Caucasian and many other people seem to live together in perfect harmony. What a good feeling !
Many people are very helpful too. We had to carry so much luggage and people were willing to help us out very fast. A very nice person even paid us the cab to the hotel (without even telling it to us !)…(dear stranger, if you ever read this article, I’d like you to know that I am very grateful to you for this attention. I don’t know you, but I won’t forget you)
Life here seems to be quite exciting and I am curious to explore it much more.
I will tell you more about it as soon as we will have a permanent internet connexion. Therefore, I am asking you for a little bit more patience. I also hope to discover more about the world of music and hip hop in particular in London. I’ll keep you updated.
This little post was written for you all to know that the three of us arrived safely in the UK. Stay tuned until the next episode.
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12 thoughts on “First impressions from London”

  1. Thanks for letting everyone know your family arrived safe and sound! Enjoy exploring and making new connections. We look forward to reading the news!

  2. i will do my best to keep you updated…i have a lot of things to handle and i am always on the run lol

  3. Hey Isa,
    A friend in Sterling Heights emailed me and said she heard Kim and Marshall are back together…is there any truth to that or just gossip…or more rumors. If you hear anything let me know.

  4. Donna, i have to keep myself updated with eminem news, it is quite hard without any internet connexion, because i always lack time in those internet cafes…if i hear anything, i will let you know…

  5. I’m checking out a few sources…to see if it’s true or not…i’ll keep you updated…unless you hear something first…keep me posted!

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