Pics of Uncle ILL’s recent performance

Those are the pics Uncle ILL’s manager sent me:

For those who don’t know yet:
 Uncle ILL is the co founder of the legendary Da Ruckus label mentioned in Eminem’s Stan song. I am his publicist.
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9 thoughts on “Pics of Uncle ILL’s recent performance”

  1. That is so cool!!! I didn’t know you did work like that…I am soooooo proud of you. You Rock Girl!!!

  2. Thanks…my long term goal is to give Uncle ILL more exposure in mags. I got one interview published in Detroit’s ILL mag with him yet…
    I’d really like to help him to make it big. He’s been grinding for 16 years now, has done as much work as Mc Hush and he deserves more credit in my opinion.

  3. Thanks…will be cool to add you as a friend:)
    I apologize to you for being so late in replying to your mail, but this horrible heat is killing me…

  4. Take care of yourself, first…your health is important. I’m a loyal fan…I’ll wait!

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