Guilty Simpson: a gifted and passionate emcee

Guilty Simpson’s music is the reflection of the Detroit emcee’s personality: in fact, Guilty Simpson is one of the straightest persons I got the chance to meet on the Detroit rap board. Integrity means a lot to this person, and that’s the way his music appears to the listener’s ears. Guilty Simpson describes the streets of Detroit with a poignant sense of reality.
Guilty Simpson has worked with the greatest Detroit acts like RIP J.Dilla, Obie Trice, Cysion, Trick Trick, D12 and many more.
Special is built on distorted keyboard sounds. Guilty Simpson jumps in, with strong lyrical and vocal weapons, ready to invite you into his world. Let him describe the atmosphere of the streets, the gunshots and the hustle with his own words. Enjoy the realness, the skills, the rapid flow delivery and the good dose of offensiveness contained in the Special song.
Black Milk is a nice club song based on strong instrumentals and rhythmic beats. Picture the atmosphere of the club, imagine the GoGo dancers.
Guilty Simpson flows with confidence and his song is highly enjoyable.
Jungle Love Guilty is another raw track. Tambourines, drums and sirens punctuate the rhythm while Guilty Simpson offers his listeners an ill flow delivery. I recommend you the well handled track.
Let’s Smoke One is an invitation to chill out before going back to the harshness of street life. Let’s Smoke One and let’s make it happen in the end.
Find out more about Guilty Simpson on his my space account.

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