Money will help you to take it to the next level, won’t and can’t buy you love, though…

Most people have a wrong relationship with money, whether they love it or hate it. The persons who have a strong hatred towards it, tend to stay poor or often experience big difficulties in handling their budget. The greedy ones, who show huge love for the banknotes, usually think that money will allow them to buy everything and to solve any kind of problem.

Both categories of people are totally wrong in their way of considering money, as far as I am concerned.

Catholic Church has taught people for centuries to stay poor and to live a miserable life in order to gain paradise- for its own interests, taking advantage of the situation and using people’s money to reach political power.

Hating money will lead you NOWHERE. It is a matter of fact we all need it in our every day life, even for our most insignificant needs like eating and clothing, for instance.

Living like Jesus with limited means is an utopia in our modern world. Stop dreaming and don’t let religious people brainwash you. They act as if they despised it, but they use it a lot more than you naïve people think.

On the other hand, greedy people who know how to make money should consider that money might solve some of their problems, but not ALL of them.

Wealth can cause a lot of problems too. When you become rich, it is hard to make a difference between real friends and those who are running after each of your pennies. Money can’t buy you true love, nor will it allow you to build up some true friendships.

True friends are those who considered you as their friends when you were at the bottom and who never changed in their behavior towards you.

In fact, money should be considered as a useful tool. An exchange tool and a tool that allows you to step further with all of your projects, not less, not more. Take it for what it is: something that will allow you to go further.

Never forget that money can’t and will not replace human relationships.

It is good to wish wealth for yourself and your family. I myself consider wealth as a blessing. However, remember never to let wealth and money corrupt your heart!

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2 thoughts on “Money will help you to take it to the next level, won’t and can’t buy you love, though…”

  1. Very nice article…I agree with you 100% !!! I want friends that like me for me…not just if I have money. True friends are gifts of a life-time.

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