Mike West: good hip hop from Lauderdale, Florida

The reason why I like Mike West as an artist is that he intelligently manages to combine a West Coast style with a Dirty South flavor.
What You In the Game For is built on catchy beats and a melodic background. Definitely inspired by West Coast artists like Tupac, Mike West introduces you into his world that also reflects a life style that is typical to Florida.
Mike West Iz Here: keyboards and rhythmic beats start Mike West’s introduction to the world. Lyrically superb, finely crafted, the song is very much enjoyable for true hip hop lover. Feel a man’s passion for his music and nod your head to the rhythmic track.
Keep It Going teaches people about tenacity despite the every day storms in the ghetto and the pain. You gotta keep it going in this game, no matter what. Mike West uses nice vocals that he combines with his good flow delivery.
Mike West is in the rap game since 1999. He released an LP entitled « They Never Knew » in 2001. Still unsigned, he has been featured in several magazines, including The Source.
Don’t sleep on that artist. Rather check him out here.
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