Big Herk: some good taste of old school gangsta rap from the D

Gangsta’s Only introduces you into a dramatic dimension. Dramatic situations are reinforced by some strong instrumentals. Representing his Rock Bottom label with pride, Big Herk shows some real good lyrical skills.
Jacking Fo’ Beats is built on dope ass beats mixed up with bass and guitar sounds. Big Herk’s raw voice will make you enter into a rhythmic musical universe, describing his drug deals with a sharp and dark voice. Guitar sounds are repetitive on purpose and make you feel every day all day in the Detroit hood. Jacking Fo’ Beats is probably the best song exposed on Big Herk’s my space account. I highly recommend it to my readers.
Dear God starts with some soft guitar sounds. In the beautiful song, Big Herk talks to God and exposes the numerous sorrows he has been confronted with in his past. The song is also a strong call for people not to lose their faith, no matter what happens.
Big Herk shows some real strong vocals in his Dear God song.
Soft vocals, guitar sounds start Big Herk’s Confessions song. If you like it emotional, this song is exactly for you.
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