Taking it to the next level…

Dear readers and artists,
Dont get mad at me if I am telling you that I dont have time right now: it is a matter of fact I am mad busy right now. It is Summer time and it should take time to relax, but, actually, I can’t.
At the beginning of the New Year, I made several wishes for 2006.
The good news is that one of those wishes is about to come true. I will be leaving my hometown for an English speaking country. I am moving to London in early August.
The reasons why I am doing it are numerous, but they are mainly motivated by my personal ambitions.
People who know me -in real life or on the net- know how much passionate I am about hip hop and writing. Hopefully, London City will give me the opportunity to catch a real deal (a financial deal) with a hip hop magazine.
If some British hip hop magazine owners are currently reading this article, you have a person in front of you who has a REAL passion about the music and an experience of several years as a music journalist who would be willing to work with people sharing the same passion and with good working ethics. Leave me a comment and a contact address if youre interested, Id be more than happy to work with you.
I am closing a chapter of my life. London will be a brand new start for me and I am happy to discover a city that is rich of a multi-cultural environment.
In August, I might not be able to write on the media I own immediately. At least, not with the same frequency I used to write my articles during all those years. I might not have an internet connexion straight away, so I am asking you for a little bit patience.
However, I want you readers to know that I wont give up my passion for writing IN ANY CASE.
I will keep writing for the Eminem blog, blogit, my space and Detroit rap and will keep you updated with life in the British Capital.
Before I leave, Id like to thank all the people who always believed in me- Gavin Sheridan, in particular, for being the first to give me my chance as a writer, and Detroit’s ILL mag for allowing me to get published into a real hip hop magazine. I am grateful to you all.
No obligation, but some of you who would like to make a little donation in order to help me out with my projects, can do it at my space: on my personal space account, there is a paypal button. Thank you so much:)
Anyway, thanks to all of you who support me. Your nice words, comments and encouragements are balsam to my heart.
To the haters, the bitches, the jealous pricks, the backstabbers and all of my enemies: keep talking, keep bitching, keep backstabbing. I dont give a fuck, I AM gonna make it in the end, because I am determined to succeed. Those who have done wrong to me will get their “reward” sooner or later without me retaliating in return.
Ok, dear readers, those few words were to let you know about my projects. I am doing this for you, me and for the love of hip hop.
Feel free to post your comments and advices. Thanks for reading me, always.

6 thoughts on “Taking it to the next level…”

  1. Good luck in London sweetie!
    If you’re interested theres an amazingly talented woman in London named Cherie D’Avino. She’s not hard core like some of the other stuff you’ve written reviews on. But I suspect you are probably a lover of all types of music? I don’t know. In any case. She’s gonna blow up soon. & you should see one of her shows. She was on MTV a while back. I only know her like I know you.. from the net.
    here’s her myspace:
    I know you’ll do fabulous in London!
    your reader in Colorado

  2. Thanks to you both for the support:)
    Louloutte, I will be writing in English this time lol yea, my sons are coming with me…
    Shannon, i will explore the artist you just mentioned…

  3. Wow youre moving to London!? Lucky! Im sick of the states, I wish I could move else where. But yeah, this shows that you’re really dedicated. I thought you were just doing this writing thing on the side. You’re really really into it huh? =) Well your’re gonna be another step closer now to your dreams then.. you’re hella excited huh!!? haha.. best of luck and i hope London opens many opportunites to you. =)
    btw you never added me on myspace =(. i guess you get alot of adds and your just too lazy?! =p
    best of luck x10!

  4. What up Isa. That’s cool you’re finally making that move. As you can see I’m still breathing. I’ma hit you up on the email real soon. Peace!!

  5. Thanks to you both for your comments…Beatrize, if i never added you on my space, it is probably because i didn’t realize you were the same person than the one who talks to me on here…i have many contacts and i gotta filter them…i don’t care about being popular, you know? I only wanna add either artists or ppl who share the same passion as me…well i can always add you since you posted the URL of your my space lol
    Count, I’m happy to hear from you. Yea, i am about to make the next move…there is a lot of administrative shit to handle, but i am really glad to leave:)

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