Iron Fist/ Keeping The Dream Alive mixtape review

Proof wouldn’t want us to stop. All the artists he influenced, in his honor we are going to keep the ball rolling. We going to keep smashing. Keep coming out with the illest lyrics, the dopest beats. ‘Till the world reconnects itself with Detroit and what we doing.

(Supa Emcee, XXL mag interview, July 2006 issue.)
Rating: 4.5 stars
You can kill as many emcees as you want: you can’t kill talent. Despite Big Proof’s murder last April, his music and spirit will live on. Deshaun Holton was Iron Fist’s CEO. The remaining IF members are determined to keep Proof’s vision and dream alive. Open your ears and be ready for a hot, lyrical mixtape. Detroit is in the house and only incredible talents are featured on the mixtape. Not only will you hear the IF crew, but also great local Detroit talents such as, Obie Trice, Swifty, Hash and Reag of I-Mac and D12’s DJ, Salam Wreck. The artists featured on that mixtape don’t need to claim the ‘Detroit king’ title, they already own the crown.
Enough said! Be ready for some explosive lyrics mixed up with some hot sounds and beats.
Introduced by Chino XL, Obie, Hex Murder and Chief, the mixtape is a moving tribute to Big Proof. Moment of silence.
It is followed by track Nr 2, So Good, a Proof freestyle that is built on nice vocals, violins and drum sounds. Everybody knows the great emcee’s name. Proof will be remembered for ever.
Shoot First, a beautiful Supa Emcee/ Hash collaboration introduces you into a dark atmosphere. Numerous violins combined with rhythmic drums will make you enjoy both emcees’ lyrical bullets to the fullest. Feel the heartbeat alike drums that will draw you a realistic picture of life in the Detroit hood. Stress, drugs, anger, killings are part of the Murda Mitten’s scary landscape.
Hostyle’s nice flow delivery is totally enlightened by track Nr 4, Cheap Shots.
Back Up will allow you to enjoy the Woof Pac crew’s skills. Keyboards, piano and electronic sounds, drums and dope ass beats make this track highly enjoyable. Nice gangsta track. Get crunk with Woof Pac in no time and enjoy the rhythmic melody.
Salam Wreck introduces you into well known Proof themes on track 6.
Ill drum beats, bass sounds will alllow you to step into an lyrical overheated Purple Gang track entitled I.F.P.G.
Purple Gang are taking over with their immense talent.
Proof’s track, Respect, featuring K.B and Hash, is a very rhythmic track where the three emcee will show some incredible lyrical skills. Keyboards, drums, guitar sounds intensify the offensive atmosphere of the track. Matter of fact: you can’t fuck with them.
The Keeping The Dream Alive mixtape is rich of many beautiful and unique tracks. Among the 30 songs featured on it, I particularly recommend you Big Proof’s Ride Out, (a wonderful track I discovered around 2003 and that I never stopped playing since then), Supa Emcee’s Don’t Get Me Mad, Hash’s Suicide song.
To tell you the truth, I enjoyed each song on the IF mixtape. This mixtape is perfect for authentic hip hop lovers.
Download it from the Iron Fist Fans website.
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