Mc Bastard biography

Andy aka Mc Bastard has a quite uncommon story to tell to the world.
Born in Osaka, Japan on October the 11th, 1990, the young man still lives in Japan and currently works there. At school kids used to make fun of him, calling him « bastard », not because he was a fatherless kid, but because his last name had similar sonorities than that word.
Those teasing remarks would have destroyed many kids. However, they made Andy stronger and increased his determination to make it in this world and to do something amazing of his life.
At the age of 9, Andy would be introduced into rap music, but he wouldn’t focus on it that much.
A few years later, at 15, Andy discovered a program that allows you to record and organize music one could also produce, which motivated him to explore rap music further.
Eminem is a artist who had a major influence on Andy and who inspired him to write his music. Andy now produces his own music, always in search for new beats to go with it.
Politically engaged against Bush’s hypocrisy, the atrocities of the Iraqui war are redundant themes in his songs.
Other dark sides of life are constant sources of inspiration to the young emcee.
Another real good thing about Mc Bastard? He doesn’t want to expose a fake gangsta image that doesn’t correspond to the person he actually is.
MC Bastard explores hidden and sometimes shocking themes that will open his listeners’ mind.
Mc Bastard is one of those new talents in the rap game that are definitely worth a look. Check him out here.
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