Meet Eric Bobo’s mind

For those who are wondering about who Eric Bobo is, Eric Correa Bobo is the son of Latin- jazz percussionist Willie Bobo.
Eric Bobo-the best drummer in the world in my opinion- was a Beastie Boys member in the past and is better known as Cypress Hills drummer.
If people have heard much more about Cypress Hill’s B-Real, Sen Dog and DJ Muggs, Eric Bobo is nevertheless a very talented person whom I had the chance to meet and to see performing at the Paris Bercy show in 2003. Till now, I can still hear Eric Bobo’s percussions in my head, because his performance on stage really impressed me.
People who know him are probably amazed at his simplicity. Eric Bobo is down to earth and doesn’t have this « big head » that is so typical to many people in the music industry, despite his numerous years of experience in the business.
Today I will give you readers the opportunity to appreciate the mans talent as a solo artist.
Eric Bobo has been working on a solo CD entitled Meeting Of The Minds.
A few snippets from his album are available on his my space account. Usually drums and percussions are the secondary part in many of the songs we hear. However, in Eric Bobo’s music percussions play a determinant part. Crazy rhythms, mad percussions sounds, a typical Latino flavor are beautifully married to the vocals that totally fit into his tracks.
Meeting Of The Minds featuring Tony Touch will allow you to fully enjoy Bobo at work with his drums. This unique sound he provides through his bongos and congas is just wonderful. It allows you to enjoy his use of the percussions to the fullest. Spanish vocals combined to Bobo’s drums give his song a unique taste.
Fiesta is enlightened by some Mexican sounds. Percussions and Spanish lyrics will underline the festive atmosphere of the track. Stand up and dance along the music.
Apocalypse is rich of many sounds and introduces the listener into a darker atmosphere that is beautifully underlined by Ill Bill’s gritty voice.
The track has an obvious political meaning.
Pizzle featuring The Demigodz is built of a lighter note. Feel the pimping atmosphere of the track that is spiced up with a good salsa flavor.
Eric Bobo’ s Meeting Of The Minds is due to release soon. Expect a great piece of work. Check his snippets out here.
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