Ice Cube/ Laugh Now Cry Later CD review

Rating: 4.5 stars
NWA legend Ice Cube is back. Still gangsta, full of justified rage, Ice Cube is taking over the rap scene like a bulldozer, erasing fakeness, corruptness , governmental hypocrisy on his way. Ice Cube will tear fakeness up with his surgical words.
In Why We Thugs, there is no place left for hypocrisy. If you comfortable people ever wondered about why there are so many thugs in the ghetto, Ice Cube has some true answers for you. So where does the problem lie? Have an objective look at the persons who are responsible for the system: your beloved President and his fellows.
I had the chance to review Ice Cube’s Why We Thugs video recently.
I recommend it to all of you. Ice Cube doesn’t fear revealing the very truth about ghetto life.
Smoke Some Weed is a beautiful track built on some sweet oriental instrumentals combined with some dope ass beats. Enter into Ice Cube’s Universe, take a deep breath, inhale and enjoy his typical Westcoast sounds.
Child Support is built on some raw keyboard sounds softened by violins.
The metaphoric song talks about gold digging women looking for child support, but indirectly targets his « sons » in the rap game and denounces its numerous vices.
Laugh Now Cry Later describes the « Carpe Diem » (catch the day) mentality that prevails in the ghetto. Many people want to enjoy life for the present without thinking of the consequences.
Stop Snitching addresses some cowardly issues. Introduced by loud trumpets, drums and keyboard sounds, the song will put things very clear for the ghetto snitches. There are rules gangstas abide in the streets: if you wanna stay alive, you’d better not snitch at all.
Go To Church is another beautiful Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg and Lil Jon collaboration. Offensive, the crew of OG’s is determined to scare away fakes and snitches. There is no place for wannabes in Ice Cube’s world.
Among Ice Cube’s very valuable songs, I highly recommend you Chrome And Paint.
Ice Cube who once claimed that « Life is nothing but bitches and money » has matured a lot in his speech. Ice Cube points out some serious social and political issues. The Laugh Now Cry Later CD contains some interesting collaborations with Snoop Dogg, Kokane and Lil Jon. It is produced by top producer Scott Storch.
Instrumentally and lyrically, Ice Cube’s CD is a must-hear, as far as I am concerned. I promise you: you won’t regret your buy.
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  1. oui il est dans les bacs…je l’ai acheté hier à la FNAC…t’as regardé sous “nouveautés” ou bien sous “import”?

  2. The best song on this CD has got to be “Go to Church” with Lil Jon and Snoop Dogg. That song is tiiiiight.

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