Eminem’s divorce proceedings sheduled

Macomb County Circuit Judge Antonio Viviano has set the schedule for the divorce proceedings between rap star Eminem, also known as Marshall Mathers, and his wife, Kimberley Mathers.
They are due in court for a status conference on June 22 and are to file a witness list four days later. Viviano also set a deadline of Aug. 25 for completion of depositions, interrogatories, pension evaluations and medical evaluations. The couple married Jan. 14 for a second time, and Eminem filed for divorce 82 days later.

One thought on “Eminem’s divorce proceedings sheduled”

  1. I feel bad for Marshall, Kim and mostly the girls. Some of us can deny it But, Marshall loves that girl…KIM. He always will… he has proven it over and over again. It’s not like the average couple if you have an argument who cares? But, when your in the public eye…your personal life is everyones business.

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