If the man who murdered Proof is not considered as a murderer any more…

where is the justice?
I came across the following article yesterday and I am deeply shocked to learn from the press that Mario Ethridge, the man who killed Proof on April the 11th, is not considered as guilty of murder charges any more.
I feel no sympathy for Mario Ethridge nor for any other member of Keith Bender’s family, dear readers. Let me tell you why.
During the two days that followed Deshaun Holton’s death, somebody from Detroit rap found out that a shameful and awful my space account had been created by people from the Bender clan, at a time Keith Bender was still alive, fighting for his life. On this account, a man that went by the nickname « Detroit’s Finest » was poking fun of Proofs death, showing pics of a burst brain and firearms. The same person was making statements implying retaliation against D12, rejoicing about the group’s loss.
I cried the worst tears when I saw this account and I am pretty much sure that I am not the only one who felt like this.
Some Detroiter had to give Tom from My Space a call to get this horrible account deleted.
I cant forgive and wont forget the awful words that have been said there.
Frankly, I dont claim to know the truth about what happened at the CCC club in Detroit. Yes, Proof shot on Keith Bender for whatever reason, but I assume that he must have been in danger to act like this.
What I understand less, is Mario Ethridge putting an end to Proof’s life. Even assuming that his cousin had been shot and wounded, wasnt he supposed to call 911 before shooting blindly on Proof?
Moreover, I find it shocking that Bender’s family is suing Proof’s estates, as if his horrible death wasnt enough.
Considering such facts, it is hard to believe in human justice any more. I do pray that someday we will know the whole truth about the circumstances of Deshaun Holtons death.
Many media have drawn a distorted image Proof. As a matter of fact, those people has no idea about the incredible person and amazing artist Deshaun Holton aka Proof actually was. They fastly prejudged of a situation they had no insight about
May the remaining witnesses who have stayed in the shadow till now have the courage to stand up for the whole truth to be exposed. Then justice will be done.
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