Immortal Technique/ Fourth Branch/ video review

Rating: 4.5 stars
Immortal Technique is one of those emcees who has my full respect. Not only is he talented, Immortal Technique is also politically engaged and has some important things to tell to America and to the whole world.
It is high time for people to realize what America’s leaders are all about. With his deep honesty and his courage, Immortal Technique unveils Bush’s hypocrisy about religion and his world policies.
Soft guitar sounds introduce the video, followed by drum beats that will make you feel the drama and the tension. Open your eyes and be ready to watch atrocities committed in the name of a so-called democracy.
Let the Dead Presidents burn in front of your eyes, because money is the main culprit for all those horrible war crimes. Shoot the symbols of capitalism dead.
I have been criticized as a foreign music journalist for attacking Bush, but frankly, I don’t care. I will stand up against any government that spreads racism, injustice and social inequalities. I have courageously raised my voice against the French government as well at a time France was burning because our government tries to legitimate racism and to single out people from the ghettos.
Yes, I agree with Immortal Technique’s views about Mr Bush’s government. Also, having studied geopolitics, I am very much aware of the interdependence of different countries all over the world. Mr Bush’s decisions have consequences for the world.
Don’t be deaf to Immortal Technique’s message:
« The voice of racism preaching the gospel is devilish
A fake church called the prophet Muhammad a terrorist
Forgetting God is not a religion, but a spiritual bond
And Jesus is the most quoted prophet in the Qu’ran
They bombed innocent people, tryin’ to murder Saddam
When you gave him those chemical weapons to go to war with Iran… »
Christian religious fanatics have spread a fake image of Islam, making the average American citizen of White America believe that Islam personifies terrorism.
Yes, let’s talk about the hypocrisy of a Jesus drawn as a white man in order to settle racist religious beliefs. Whoever claims that Jesus was a white man is WRONG. The man known as Jesus of Nazareth- whether you see him as God’s son, a rabbi or a prophet, or even a simple man, was an Israeli. Usually, those people’s skin is closer to Arabs, as far as I know.
Open you eyes: the worldwide Muslim community is NOT represented by a few dangerous fanatics like Ben Laden. Many Muslims are honest citizens who live a normal family life, just like you and me. They just happen to have different beliefs.
When will people realize that the main message of any religion is about love and tolerance. That’s what God is all about.
Moreover, take a look at Mr Bush’s shameful actions. The man some of you would qualify as a hero is the main responsible of a sad situation in Iraq where human rights are constantly denied:
« Flow like the blood of Abraham through the Jews and the Arabs
Broken apart like a woman’s heart, abused in a marriage
The brink of holy war, bottled up, like a miscarriage
Embedded correspondents don’t tell the source of the tension
And they refuse to even mention, European intervention
Or the massacres in Jenin, the innocent screams
U.S. manufactured missles, and M-16’s
Weapon contracts and corrupted American dreams
Media censorship, blocking out the video screens
A continent of oil kingdoms, bought for a bargain
Democracy is just a word, when the people are starvin’
The average citizen, made to be, blind to the reason
A desert full of genocide, where the bodies are freezin’
And the world doesn’t believe that you fightin’ for freedom
Cause you fucked the Middle East, and gave birth to a demon
It’s open season with the CIA, bugging my crib
Trapped in a ghetto region like a Palestinian kid
Where nobody gives a fuck whether you die or you live
I’m tryin’ to give the truth, and I know the price is my life
But when I’m gone they’ll sing a song about Immortal Technique
Who beheaded the President, and the princes and sheiks
You don’t give a fuck about us, I can see through your facade
Like a fallen angel standing in the presence of God
Bitch niggaz scared of the truth, when it looks at you hard… »
I don’t like Bush and I say it proudly. Bush is a monster who advocates a war for his own commercial interests. He doesn’t care about the young American lives that are taken during this worthless war, nor does he care about the numerous civilian victims among Iraqi people who are tortured and humiliated. Horrible things have been done in this country.
Let’s fight imperialism and a corporate America that wants people to think the way they are told to.
People are trying to mask Europe’s involvement in those atrocities.
Kids are dying, bodies are mutilated, the world is burning and nobody gives a fuck.
Let’s raise our voices against hypocritical media censorship. Let’s step into the right direction: let’s defend human rights above all.
Bush is the leader of a democracy of hypocrisy who has blood on his hands.
May God bless Immortal Technique in abundance for telling the truth to the world. America needs courageous people to stand up for what they believe in. Don’t accept collective brainwashing from a dictator who-obviously- doesn’t give a fuck about you and me.
Watch Immortal Technique’s amazing video here.

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