Rebel With A Cause

What kind of person are you? Do you accept society and your entourages dictatorship easily without one single word or are you the kind of persons that dare to make a difference?
Have you ever noticed that many persons of the same age category are dressed quite the same when you walk down the streets? It can become so boring that one would be tempted to sing a sarcastic song entitled« Every hoe looks the same ». I am slowly getting fed up with society’s dictatorship that indicates people how to dress and how to behave according to their age and sex. Fuck all that.
I dont want to see a society made of pale robots. I am totally rebellious to the system and I fully assume it.
I dont act in order to look « correct » and « decent » according to society’s criteria. Love me or hate me, I will never act in order to make you feel comfortable with me. Accept me or reject me, I dont give a fuck.
I have been struggling for years to feel well in spirits and body. Now that I have reached a point of well being, I wont let anybody touch this.
I always act, talk and speak out in total harmony with myself. Yes, I am a rebel to a conditioned collective way of thinking. I don’t accept it and I won’t let society or individuals think in my place.
I am a person of strong personality and if you cant handle it, please stay away from me. I wont let anybody prevent me from being myself.
I flip the bird to those who dont like what I stand for. Im a rebel with a cause and I am proud of it.
It is all up to you to be a person with an attitude or another of societys billions of carbon copies. Make the right choice. It is all about personality and well being. Try to think about it twice before acting in a conventional way.