MC Bastard: offensive name, incisive lyrics

MC Bastard aka Andy shares the dream of any aspiring rapper: he struggles hard to make it-possibly big.
I recommend you MC Bastard’s Ds6 diss.
It is funny and well handled. Built on a Cypress Hill sample, the song ridicules an untalented English group made of racist pricks. The song has been made in response to a former diss addressed to MC Bastard.
Andy attacks what Ds6 stand for: racist beliefs. One thing is sure: no place for racists in the rap game, so Ds6- whose masculinity is questionable too- better resign. Lyrically the track is interesting too and enlightens Mc Bastard’s sense of humor.
Coldsville’s blues is a rhythmic track based on an electric guitar background. The song will take you by surprise: the rhymes are sick and the listener gets caught into the lyrical storm of the Coldville blues.
MC Bastard uses Eminem’s Sing For The Moment sample for The Moment and puts his own anxieties and hopes into the track. Feel the fight and the sorrows of an aspiring emcee.
The Revenge of Hollie is another crazy revenge against the skinhead group Ds6 that leaves those pseudo artists no chances of survival. Not only is the track musically rich, rhythmic, it is also lyrically interesting.
Gay ass haters will get punched in the nose in a funny way thanks to MC Bastard’s incredible sense of humor. The track is definitely worth your listen.
Did this increase your curiosity about Mc Bastard?
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