Swifty Mc Vay/ Forest Fyres mixtape review

Rating: 4 stars and a half
Ondre Moore aka Swifty Mc Vay is back, with a beautiful piece of solo work: his Forest Fyres mixtape. This mixtape has been made in collaboration with Swifty’s fellow emcees from Runyon Ave, the Fyre Department.
Swifty might be less known as a solo artist by D12 fans, he is nevertheless an amazing lyrical bomber. Besides his work with his fellow D12 members inside of the group, Ondre Moore has some very interesting work at his active with Detroit underground emcees from Raw Collection.
His former Grenade Pins mixtape is an underground jewel I recommend to hip hop lovers.
Swifty ignites the fire by dropping lyrical bombs. You could barely stay indifferent in front of his music.
Ready for a crazy ride with the Chief of the Fyre Department? Let me introduce you into his mixtape.
I Don’t Say Nothing is built on some rhythmic drum and guitar sounds that will lead you into a hot atmosphere. Listen to the sirens in the background. Swifty’s flow unstoppable and the valuable emcee spits fire on the mic. The words are offensive and murderous, our man is a « walking felony ». Welcome to Swifty’s world.
It Ain’t Safe is introduced into a raw street killer atmosphere. Piano sounds, violins, gunshots and sirens will lead you into the scary atmosphere of the streets of 7 Mile. Face it: it ain’t safe where he comes from. Heartbeats alike, the beats will remind you of a thug running away from an imminent danger.
Act A Fool is a club song. The title says it all…madness, drinks, chicks and blunts to smoke…be ready to get krunk.
Be Like Me: let the drums and maracas lead you into a funny fighting atmosphere. Let the words spread like deadly weapons from Swifty’s mouth. Knives alike, they will stab you in an offensive manner. Nicely done.
Change is a beautiful and rhythmic track that will show the listener what Swifty is all about. Always true to himself, he and his crew won’t change.
Back Against The Wall : a soft chorus introduces the song and it will soon contrast with Swifty’s reps. Where would you go when your back is against the wall. Feel the danger and the thuggish atmosphere of a politically incorrect track. Swifty shows some beautiful skills .
The instrumentals are well chose and totally fit into the song.
Swifty attacks a political system that created a lot of injustice and misery in the hood. The darkness of the track is underlined by piano and keyboard sounds.
The 7th song Fucking Wit Us is written on a beautiful oriental background. Instrumentally rich , it will make you enjoy Swifty’s gun talk. Better not talk shit about Swifty and his D12 fellows. Like the other songs, the track is a lyrical jewel, that I highly recommend to the listeners.
Do Somem has the same somber style. Swifty is writing murder music and it is lyrically highly enjoyable. Hell raiser, the talented artist is determined to bring a lot of darkness into his song. Welcome to the Murda Mitten, the dirty D town. Enjoy Ondre Moore’s great talent in creating an unsafe and murderous atmosphere.
On most of the tracks, Swifty and his Fyre Department are dropping some pure heat.
Be sure: you all gonna remember him. Don’t miss Obie’s track Kill Me that is also part of Swifty’s mixtape.
My advice to all of you: go cop Swifty’s mixtape that is available on his official website. You won’t be disappointed.
The lyrical bomber in D12 has dropped an explosive mixtape. Each track is definitely worth a listen.
More info about Swifty, his Fyre Department and the Forest Fyres mixtape can be found here.

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  1. This mixtape is the sh$t. I listen to it everyday, it’s my get up and go music. From begining to end SWIFT did his thing, and I cant forget about the rest of the fyre dept.. From ya girl ya’ll know who I am, and to swifty keep them tracks coming swiftly ya feel me. o:

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