A tribute to Proof by a fellow fan…

A fellow fan sent me this little poem to honor Deshaun Holton’s memory…published with Jorja’s permission.
Living Proof Forever
All it takes is one disagreement
One wrong move in a fight
For the penny to drop
Like a shot in the night
Then a second of silence
Which cuts like a knife
Before all chaos descends
The end of a mans life
The effect is heartbreaking
He leaves his kids and a wife
And the worlds greatest rap group,
Is now down to five
Yet whenever I play his songs
He still seems alive
I just turn down the volume
And close shut my eyes
To see him rapping on stage
With his best friend by his side
Gone now, but living on
Through his vibe
What I’m trying to say is:
Toting guns ain’t clever
But surrender? Never!
Living Proof forever
CopyrightApril the 30th, 2006 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved
Oh yea just a little reminder to the fools who would be tempted to copy it without my permission…there’s a copyright going with this poem…if you ever read this elsewhere than on my places, it is quite obvious that it has been stolen!

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