Keeping the memory of an artist alive…

Since Deshaun Holton aka Proof was murdered, on Tuesday the 11th, I have been quite shocked by the disrespect I found in the media that argued more about the circumstances of his death than about the incredible artist he actually was.
Deshaun’s death has hit me hard. However, I am not keen on discussing the circumstances of his death, merely because I wasn’t present and I don’t know what really happened. Anyway, does it really matter? Hip hop has lost a valuable soldier, no matter how he died.
Many of us true fans are affected by Proof’s death. However, I think we should definitely have an attentive look at Eminem’s words (who is probably, along with Deshaun’s family members, one of the persons who suffer most from the loss of his friend). Eminem reminded us to remember Deshaun alive.
Maybe this is the only way to overcome the huge pain we all feel at the moment.
I’m not going to talk again about Deshaun’s funeral. I am going to remind people who think he was just “Eminem’s hypeman” about his career as a hip hop artist.
Proof wasn’t into what I’d call “commercial shit”. His heart was truly dedicated to hip hop and he worked towards putting the Murda Mitten on the map.
My next article will honor Proof’s work and summarize his career and collaborations all over the years. Stay tuned and remember that even if Deshaun left us physically, his music will live on:)