216: discover Cleveland’s finest hip hop duo

216 is a hip hop duo composed of Beaz and Train, two emcees from Cleveland, Ohio.
Like the 313 in Detroit, 216 corresponds to a Cleveland calling area.
Their my space account will allow you to explore four tracks from their The Game Is Life debut album.
The Single is a club song written in a « Shake That Ass » style. Based on some electronic notes and some catchy beats, the rhythmic song will transport you into a pimping atmosphere. The two 216 have a nice flow delivery on the track.
Train and Beaz will offer you three different variations on the preceding The Single team featuring Fat Joe, Lil Jon and Fabolous.
The first variation with Fat Joe will make you feel the crack addicted/ gangsta atmosphere of the track. Fat Joe’s vocal performance is enjoyable while the chorus repeats the club theme.
The second variation is lead by Lil Jon and introduces a nasty note on the track. Lil Jon’s grave voice adds to the lousy atmosphere.
The third variation featuring Fabolous is more festive, joyful and based on a very rhythmic background mixed up with scratches.
On all of their tracks, Train and Beaz are doing a great job. Discover them Ohio players here.
You like what you heard and you’re curious to discover more from both emcees?
Listen to their Yeah song, then.
Yeah will probably make hip hop lovers feel enthusiastic. Rich instrumentals, a very nice flow delivery and well handled lyrics will fully make you enjoy 216.
Enough said: check them out!