Obie Trice featuring Akon/ Snitch video review

Rating: 4,5 stars
Meet Obie and his crew in the streets of Detroit, ready for a bank robbery. People who are not familiar with hip hop culture might not know there are rules gangstas abide. You have to respect this code of honor, unless you wanna meet the reaper sooner than expected. Loyalty plays an important role and you’d better not snitch around.
Because of a snitch, Obie and his fellows have been transferred to jail. 5 days ago, they were about to make some big money in Detroit City.
Flashback. Watch Eminem mess up the banks camera with a bomb spray, allowing his accomplices to rob the bank and to take a lot of money away. While guards are running after Obie and co, the crew manages to excape and drives away in a van. Inside of the van, the gangsta crew rejoices about their maggot.
Akons voice sounds nostalgic and has a little reggae flavor. His words are a warning to the person would be tempted to betray Obie’s crew:
I keep the 40 cal on my side
Steppin with the mindstate of the mobster
See a nigga pass by
Tuck your chain in cause he might rob ya
Got glocks for sale, red tops for sale
Anything you need, believe me, Im gon lace you
Just dont whatever you do, Snitch
Cause you will get hit, pray I dont lace you, yeah
Picture the snitch in the street, stealing a homies chain and being caught by the police.
Nothing hurts more than a homies treason. Obie has some serious doubts about the young man who was full part of his crew:
Its risky, the bitch tend to rise out a nigga
Its history, Snitch, who decided hes a member
Once he got pinched, coincided with law
Same homie say he lay it down for the boy
Brought game squad around ours
How could it be ? Been homies since Superman draws
Only phoniness never came to par
He had us, a true neighborhood actor
Had his back with Ks
Now we see through him like X-Rays
Cuffed in that Adam car
No matter, his loss, we at him, its war
Knowing not to cross those resevoir dogs
You helped plant seeds just to be a vegetable
When we invest in team, its to the death fo sho
No ex and ohs, tex calicos
Aim at your chest nicca
The musical background for the video is as copious as a good meal: catchy beats combined with violins, maracas, guitar, harpsichord and drum sounds will allow to taste the song with delight.
Still in jail, Obie and his accomplices realize that they have been the victims of a plot, probably lead by the young man with the dreadlocks.
Obie eventually found out that the traitor moved to another area to keep cool:
Nowadays, Sammy Da Bulls got the game full
So he move to a rural area to keep cool
He snitchin on a snitch now, theres nothin to tell
Nowadays, your circles should be small as hell
Aint tryin to meet new faces, this dont interest me
Even if we bubble slow, well get it eventually
No penitentary, there will be no climacy
You will meet the lowest snitch in given us a century
These cats is rats now, the streets need decon
Thats how they react now, weak when the heats on em
Stop snitchin, you asked for the life your living
This act is not permitted, Nowhere on the map, It is
Forbidden to send a nigga to prison if you been in it
Along with em and then snitch and become hidden
So its no exs and ohs, techs calicos
Aim at your chest nicca
When you belong to a street gang, you gotta watch your actions and whatever you might do, snitching will sign your death certificate.
Some snitches move to another town, another state or even to another country. However, they should remember that wherever they go, they can be found.
The young snitch plays it cool, with girls and Champaign in a isolated house. But Obie and his fellows have his address and things are about to turn ugly.
I like the realness of the video that fully represents the street mentality. Be what you wanna be, but never betray your homies or you might pay the highest price.
Good job, Obie and Akon. I enjoyed the video from the beginning to the end.
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  1. Obie Trice is a great rapper.I love his music he is cool.And so is Akon.He did a song with p money.P money comes from new zealand.So do i.

  2. Hi…
    My browser doesnt allow me to watch videos on net and downloading takes loooong time… Do you know when will it be shown on MTV??
    And do you know something about Eminem’s Shake That video? I heard its on net too…

  3. I have no clue about MTV…i have seen the shake That video too…it is on the same website…a big disappointment, as far as i am concerned. What’s happening to Em’s music?

  4. ^^word, I watched Shake That video just a couple of minutes ago and I’m so disappointed… The song is cool but its the worst video of Eminem.

  5. It is funny when a guy like this claims to be “a spiritual man” and then writes songs and makes music videos about Fuc***g strippers and making cash. Good role model. Way to go.

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