Dr Dre 2001 album review

Rating : 5 stars
Old school gangsta rap classic
Lolo nicely introduces the album. A crazy melody combined with some crazy noise start the track. Meet Dr Dre, Xzibit and Tray Dee and catch their conversation. Welcome to the hood of LA.
The Watcher starts on a catchy melody. Drums, beats, violins, keyboard sounds will make you feel the overheated atmosphere Andre Young puts into the track.
Some people seem to have forgotten about Dre now that he has made it. Many people seem to forget that he initiated that gangsta shit and that money hasnt changed the man he is. He might have moved from the hood, he is still hood. Young gangstas, you better watch your back, because Dr Dre is watching you.
Fuck You is written on a softer and a ironical note. A girl is getting sentimental on the phone, while Dre is thinking about raw sex, keeping the NWA mentality Life is nothing but bitches and money. The track features Snoop Dogg and Devin The Dude and is instrumentally well handled.
Who doesnt know Still Dre? This song is one of Dr Dre’s wonderful classics ( a must hear). Written on very rhythmic beats, rich instrumentals, combined with keyboards, violins, piano, bass and a grave violoncello sound in the background, the track will probably enchant any true hip hop lover. Dr Dre and Snoops vocal performances are enjoyable too. Money hasnt changed Dre. Yes, hes still gangsta and still has love for the streets. Still high on weed and still ready to write some dope ass songs for his listeners, Dr Dre is back with the same O.G spirit. You cant stay indifferent in front of the well written track.
Those With Big Egos is another well written and rhythmic track aimed at jealous people in the game, hating on rap pioneer Andre Young. Rapping with confidence, he closes haters mouth in no time. The song features Hitman.
Xplosive also belongs to those Westcoast classics you could barely ignore. Xplosive combines Dr Dre and Nate Doggs talents. Feel dark bass and keyboard sounds. A bomb is about to explode. Real Gs will take over and fakes better watch their backs.
Whats The Difference featuring Eminem, Phish and Xzibit is one of those classic hip hop songs that have influenced a whole generation and that will live on forever. Beautifully handled lyrically and instrumentally, the song is enriched with some dope ass beats that are so typical to an art Dr Dre fully masters.
Nostalgic, the track takes you back to the late 80s when NWA were still a group. Dr Dre will tell you about ancient memories. Travel back with him at a time he was cool with Ice Cube and when Eazy E was still alive. Despite the beefs that opposed him to his deceased homie.
The same track also enlightens Eminem and Xzibits talent. Enjoy the dope instrumentals combined with smart lyrics.
Each track of the album will make you hungry for more. Dont miss Forgot About Dre, the well known beautiful Dr Dre/ Eminem collaboration nor The Next Episode featuring Nate Dogg and Snopp Dogg. Another track deserves your attention: Lets Get High. Catchy, entertaining, written in a hustling style, the track will also allow to enjoy female rapper Ms Rogs talent. She comes up with harsh pimpette rhymes that will scare weak men away in no time.
Globally, Andre Young’s album is a hip hop classic that definitely belongs in your library. Very well handled lyrically, instrumentally and rich of many interesting artistic collaborations, the album is definitely worth your buy.