Walk in the streets of Detroit with P-Live

Meet Isaiah Perkins aka P-Live. Coming to you live, P-Live’s music is spiced up with some good, rhythmic instrumentals. Get Low will remind you of 50 Cent’s instrumentals. Be ready for a crazy ride in the pimping game and follow P-Live’s rapid flow. Let drums and keyboards invade you ears, picture yourself in the streets of the City of Boom. Big cars, big jewels, big money and hoes are part of the landscape. Meet a dirty pimp who is very clever at his game. The track is instrumentally well handled and enhanced by dope ass beats. P Live shows some good lyrical skills and has a good flow delivery. Welcome to the streets of Detroit where pimping is the rule.
New Shit is introduced by drums, keyboards and trumpets in the background that is underlined by P Live’s vocal performance. Faster than the wind, P-Live flows with confidence and is ready to take over.
Crazy Freestyle starts in a jazzy style. P Live proudly represents real Detroit from each side, reuniting East and West. Enjoy P-Live’s particular way of illuminating his lyrical world like a astute word magician. Enjoy Detroit emcee P- Live spontaneous way of addressing people and his skills. Combined with good instrumentals, the track fully enlightens P- Live’s talent.
New Renegade freestyle describes the harshness of the hood. Enter into the rough atmosphere of a city of cement, the dark city of the Murda Mitten known as Detroit City.
Enjoy the thuggish track that is well handled from the beginning from the end.
Check out Detroit talent P-Live here.

2 thoughts on “Walk in the streets of Detroit with P-Live”

  1. I love his music and i think thay he is very talented and will be next big rap star to come out of detriot so make sure you stay on the look at for this guy.
    -Jovahna Marie

  2. He is good but nothing special he sounds like the rest.
    Jovahna Marie is his wife so of couse she would hype him up.

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