Xzibit/ Man Vs Machine album review

Rating: 4 stars/ hip hop classic
Release Date is introduced by soft instrumentals and human voices in the background. The atmosphere is loaded with intense emotions. Balalaika sounds and keyboards will intensify the fire Xzibit puts into his songs. With his dark voice, Xzibit points out how long he’s been patiently waiting for this day and how much hypocrisy he had to face from people. Xzibit has paid his debts and is ready to punch you right in the face with some offensive lyrics.
Symphony In X Major is a beautiful piece of work. Enjoy the contrast between the classical music background mixed up with a good hip hop style. Enter Xzibit’s universe; watch him taking over against his enemies. The video that goes with this song is really worth a look. It transports you into an interesting gangsta thriller. No contest hip hop lovers will probably enjoy it very much.
Break Yourself is based on harsh instrumentals. Xzibit conquers his audience in no time with his incredible flow and his incisive lyrics. The gifted artist strangles you lyrically and leaves you no chance of survival.
Heart Of A Man drives you into the heart of Xzibit’s struggle. Again, the song leads you in a lyrical world that Xzibit masters with an incredible verbal dexterity. Enjoy his self confidence and the energy that the West Coast artist puts into his song.
Harder featuring The Golden State P is built on a very rhythmic background. Good instrumentals and the spirit of a conquistador determined to take over make this track very much enjoyable.
Choke Spank Me Pull My Hair is a track aimed at groupies who are keen on getting tortured. A little pinch of humor, irony and some good instrumentals will make the listener enjoy this “ménage à trois” atmosphere.
Lose Your Mind featuring Snoop Dogg is written in the same offensive style. Like a true soldier Xzibit shows his arsenal. Be ready to get (lyrically) gunned down. Face it: you can’t fuck with Xzibit.
Violins and scary vocals introduce BK To LA featuring MOP. Let the lyrical master guide you into his world. Combined with Mop’s talent, the track is beautifully handled by both OG. If you like raw lyrics, raw instrumentals and an offensive spirit, you will probably like this track.
The song on Xzibit’s album you should definitely not miss is track Nr 11 My Name featuring Eminem.
Organs and keyboards introduce the entertaining and rhythmic melody. Eminem and Xzibit are determined to punch their hip hop rivals right in the face. Better not fuck with both emcees unless you wanna get ripped off.
The Gambler featuring Anthony Hamil has a beautiful blues background. Enjoy the way Xzibit and Anthony Hamil combine blues and hip hop. Trumpets intensify the struggle of both men. I recommend this beautiful track to black music lovers. It is lyrically and instrumentally rich.
Missing U is an emotional track aimed at the mom Xzibit lost very early.
Don’t miss Right On and Enemies. Both tracks are instrumental jewels.
Globally Xzibit’s album is a beautiful piece of work that I’d qualify as a hip hop classic. The album will draw the fight of an artist against the machine (the music industry). Xzibit is amazing hip hop artist who keeps it real. I recommend this album to anybody who loves good hip hop lyrics and sounds.