Now that you know a little bit more about Bareda, discover Raw Collection

Detroit underground group Raw Collection is composed of Bareda aka Mr Wrong, Reddbone, Lodown, Sky Scrilla and Vanzetti. Mainly influenced by NWA, Tha Dogg Pound and Eminem, the Detroit group attracted my attention three years ago while listening to D12’s Swifty’s Grenade Pins mixtape. Reddbone’s talent in particular, her offensive lyrics combined with a raw voice managed to impress me.
All That I’ve Learned starts with an electronic background voice. Have you ever felt like you are lonely in your struggle, in your world, fighting for your dreams? Not past dreams, but real dreams, dreams that will help you to progress the way you wanted to.
The chorus introduces into the atmosphere of the song. Reddbone’s voice softens it.
No time to sit down and cry. Time to stay focused on your projects and to do the best you can wherever you are. The song sounds nostalgic and is enhanced with some piano and keyboard sounds. I recommend you that moving song which is certainly a great encouragement never to give up on your projects.
Put Your Hands Up is an entertaining track that is written on a rapid rhythm that will make you enjoy Raw Collection member’s rapid flow.
Enjoy the funny and astute lyrics. Meet Raw Collection in the club, share a bottle of Hennessey with them and cheer up.
Dark bass sounds and rhythmic beats introduce Not Just A Song. This song is about real rap. Back in the streets let them Raw Collection members express about the meaning of life. The song is deep, sad and gets philosophical about ghetto dramas where shootings belong to an all day reality.
Wishfactor is very rhythmic. You can’t touch Raw Collection. The track is very well handled. Reddbone’s performance is beautiful as usual on the track. I encourage you to explore it, you won’t be disappointed. Lyrical, instrumentally well worked on, the track is very much enjoyable.
Raw Collection are a must in your Detroit underground library. Check them out here.