Detroit emcee Bareda is so focused

Bareda aka Mr Wrong is a member of the Detroit underground group named Raw Collection. Raw Collection is a hot Detroit underground group that includes Swifty’s sister, Reddbone.
Bareda’s my space account will allow you to discover his music.
Introduced by Detroit DJ Butter aka Barry Yett, Bareda shares his life struggles with his listeners in So Focused.
The melody is monotonous on purpose leading you into a life battle. While getting lyrical, Bareda insists on being focused on his goals.
The instrumental background is light and rhythmic, reminding you of a repetitive all day.
No matter if you’re an artist or not, the key to success is to keep concentrated on your goals. Bareda doesn’t give up the fight and encourages each of you to do so.
Tells All starts on a very rhythmic musical background made of drum beats. Curious to know how he became an emcee? Follow the entertaining rhythm and listen to Bareda’s story about emceeing. Let Mr Wrong take you back to the year 2000 when his first album came out, go on tour with Bareda and Outkast, travel to Cali with him and return with him to the zone, in the Detroit ghetto. Feel the passion that makes him tick on the very entertaining rhythm.
Errol Flynn is an invitation to dance. Join the dance floor and dance on the rhythmic track emcee from the 313. Enjoy Mr Wrong’s variations on Erroll Flynn’s name.
Discover more about Bareda aka Mr Wrong here.

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  1. Bareda has been holdin it down for quite some time. Been bumpin dude ever since I heard tha Rabeez demo back in like ’95!

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