Discover Carsiness from Tampa Area, Florida

Welcome to Brian Smith aka Carsiness’ my space account.
Let the cannabis leaves background welcome you and introduce you into the emcee from Tampa Area, Florida ‘s world.
Just chill and let the music invade your ears…
Cold Shoulder Ruff is introduced by quite surrealistic sounds that pour into your ears like rain drops. The light instrumental background is compensated by Carsiness’ gritty voice.
Carsiness introduces you into the ghetto’s dirty world made of sluts and hustlers. Feel the disgust, feel the dirtiness…feel the gangsta atmosphere of the whole track.
Shake Yo Ass starts like a gig and is all about a gogo dancer. While the song goes hardcore, enjoy Carsiness’ nice flow and instrumentals. Written in a pimping style the song is well handled.
Fat Fuck starts in a very rhythmic and offensive way. The track is aimed at an enemy that gets dissed badly. Don’t mess with Carsiness unless you wanna land in the garbage can.
Carsiness has found a lot of inspiration in Eminem’s music. Other valuable rappers like Tupac, Snoop Dogg and many more have also influenced Brian Smith aka Carsiness. Be so curious at check him out here.

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  1. HaHa I so know this guy and he totally kicks ass… his music is hott and so is he, what more can you ask for?! Listen to him!! **HOTNESS**

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