9 thoughts on “Another Superbowl pic from a German magazine…”

  1. His face seems very strange. It feels like he’s not him. He seems really unfamiliar. I dont understand, how come he is this unhappy, isnt he supposed to be happy because of his marriage?

  2. I don’t know…Em looks exhausted…i just hope he will be fine with a little bit of rest etc…

    Em uses colored eye linses…i have seen pics where he had brown eyes…there is no mystery behind his different eye color lol

  3. Really? I dont think he is using colored eye contacts. He has blue eyes, aint he? Sometimes they make the color of his eyes different by computers. And sometimes his eyes seem dark because of light is low or something.

  4. i really hope em is ok, a group of my friends at school were saying sum really mean stuff about his image, i ofcourse had my say and now im a few friends short, but today i showed them this site and now they have a different veiw of him all together. and with the lens colours, i have coloured contacts and they do look very real. Get well Em!!
    We all Luv You

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