Obie Trice/They Wanna Kill Me/ song review

Rating: 4 stars
Electric guitar sounds mixed up with sitar sounds and rhythmic beats that give a heartbeat tempo to the track introduce you into Obie’s world.
Since he’s been signed to Shady Records, Detroit rapper Obie Trice has made some enemies. Success often goes with jealousy and Obie nearly lost his life at New Year’s Eve. He was shot in the head while driving on a freeway.
Fortunately, Obie was safe after being shot. Till now, nobody has a clue about who tried to kill him.
O Trice handles his words in an incursive way, addressing to his enemies.
What motivates jealousy and envy?
I’d say: mainly people who feel insecure and uncomfortable with themselves. On the Detroit scene, emcees who have less success than others and experience difficulties in selling their Cds are more likely to be jealous of people who have reached success.
What can you do against arrogant pricks who are consumed by jealousy, even when they put your life in jeopardy?
Humor them. Make them losers look ridiculous.
This is part of Obie Trice’s lyrical strategy. While them losers are trying to get wealthy from the streets, Obie gets his money from the Billboard.
Some weak rappers just can’t stand talent. Instead of trying to improve their weaknesses and learn from gifted rappers, eradicating talent is an easier solution to them.
Obie is a true Detroit ghetto soldier who is not afraid to confront his enemies with their own stupidity.
He’s been close to death, with a bullet left in his head. But guess what, bitches? Obie is back, more confident and more energetic than ever.
You wanna kill him, bunch of losers? Obie is quite a legend. His music will live on forever anyway!