Check out my new discovery: a hot emcee from Virginia called Street Child

His words hit like a bulldozer and his crazy noise, his mad scratches are ready to take over the universe of rap music. Chris Barett aka Street Child truly represents the streets of Virginia Beach. Don’t sleep on Street Child’s Workout 1 song, because it is definitely worth your attention.
Street Child has a natural endowment for his raps. Spontaneous, offensive emcee with the mind of a fighter, one could barely stay indifferent in front of Street Child’s amazing skills. Street Child is not your average emcee. He blesses the mic with a speedy flow . I love the confidence he shows while spitting his venom.
Street Child also handles beats and instrumentals very well. I’d recommend any true hip hop head to check out this amazing talent’s my space account.
Bang Out is a very dynamic track that allies softness and street reality. Follow a hustler’s journey in the hood.
Raise Ya Glasses is also written in a hustler’s style. Street Child draws you the streets the way they are.
What does hip hop need more than ever? No contest: real emcees. Emcees who spit fire on the mic and who manage to create an enthusiastic audience thanks to their skills. Yes, the musician is a magician when he is highly talented, which is obviously the case here.
Street Child’s instrumentals’ East Coast sound might remind some of you of Jay Z. Chriss Barett is a skilled emcee with attitude. Don’t miss the chance! Check him out here.