E. Miller: representing Lacey, Washington

Eric Miller is an emcee from Lacey, Washington, who has some interesting tracks to offer to his listeners on his my space account.
His first track, Internet Gangsta Street, is aimed at all those cyber gangstas posing as tough guys, spreading some harsh words in front of a computer screen but who are acting cowardly in real life.
The same « internet fags » have been very well described by Detroit emcee King James 3. It is so much easy to wear a mask and to act tough when you’re comfortably installed at home in front of your PC. With an incisive sense of humor, some good instrumentals and a good flow delivery, E. Miller drops his cyber enemies’ mask in no time. Real life wankstas, take up your make up, because E. Miller will make you appear in a true light.
Valley Of Death 70 is all about the struggle of a white emcee for credibility. The vocals and keyboards introduce a quite surrealistic atmosphere, E Miller takes the mic and makes you feel the intensity his fight through his rhymes.
Close Your Eyes is an emotional track aimed at all the people who have lost a beloved person. Keyboard sounds and rhythmic beats will lead you into the very emotional atmosphere of remembrance of our beloved ones who have passed away.
Sometimes we have no answers for such losses. Death is something definitive in the world of the living and the pain is present when someone we love dies and goes away forever. I recommend this song to all of you.
Fallen Soldiers uses the same Martika sample Eminem has used for his Like Toy Soldiers songs. Fallen Soldiers is built as a diss track that targets emcees who lack realness.
Check out E Miller here.