GS: hot Asian rap from Canada

He’s from Canada. Gerry Sung aka GS is an Asian rapper. Born in Mississauga, Ontario, GS grew up in Vancouver.
Hip hop has always been Gerry Sung’s way of life and soon GS would make his passion for rhyming become a reality.
With an original style of his own, GS introduces you into his world.
Welcome to GS’ my space account.
Clap with GS while listening to his Gametime song. Feel the enthusiasm of a gifted lyricist who plays with words easily. I particularly enjoyed the rhythmic and dynamism of the song that fully exposes GS’s passion for the music and wordplays. The master in rhyming allies mad flow and good instrumentals. Stand up and dance to the very dynamic track while GS spits fire and enflames his public’s heart in no time.
You like it lyrical? Then GS is the kind of wordsmith you need to listen to.
Get It Back starts on a soft background, followed by keyboard and drum sounds. GS will make you feel his real life struggles. His song is very much enjoyable and rhythmic. Don’t miss it.
Best Of Me remix will allow you to appreciate the many faces of the talented emcee.
Very different from Asian rapper Jin, Gerry Sung has developed an original and unique rhyming style.
Discover GS here.