Tommy Lee beaten up

Tommy Lee got into a punch-up at a showbiz party recently after bad mouthing one-time pal Kid Rock.
The Motley Crue rocker was beaten up at Eminem’s Shady Records party, in Detroit, for the harsh words about his former friend.
The pair fell out when Rock started dating Tommy’s ex-wife, Pamela Anderson.
An onlooker is quoted in Britain’s Daily Sport newspaper as saying: “Tommy was talking trash all day about Kid.
“Some of Eminem’s posse got really upset and took some swings at him.”
Meanwhile, Tommy was left red-faced when he discovered a stunning girl he was flirting with was a transsexual.
The star had reportedly asked sexy Nina Arsenault to sit on his knee while he was partying at Toronto’s swanky Ultra Supper Club.
According to America’s New York Post, the pair were drinking Tequila and getting friendly when one of Lee’s employees told him his companion wasn’t all woman.
Nina said: “That’s when he took a good, long look at me.”
The star is said to have announced he needed cigarettes and fled the table.

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