Stay Phokus’D

If you haven’t heard of emcee Phokus yet, he might become the center of your attention soon.
Phokus’ passion for his art is undeniable. Phokus masters flow, beats, lyrics and rhymes.
The incredibly good artist has been influenced by Nas, Jay Z, Biggie Smalls and Eminem.
Some of my readers once asked:
« What’s the most important attribute of a great rapper? The lyrics or the delivery or both? »
I’d say any of the elements needed are important to make a great rapper. A good emcee is capable of handling his lyrics with astute metaphors, punch lines and a good dose of realness. The good emcee usually has a good flow delivery, he flows faster than the wind easily. A great rapper won’t neglect instrumentals nor his beats. Instrumentals and beats are the essential component that will help the listener to capture the artist’s intentions and the atmosphere of a song.
Phokus is one of those emcees who fully understood that all the elements mentioned above are a whole.
His I Stay High track starts with heartbeats alike beats. A sick flow, some astute rhymes, nice scratches sounds make this rhythmic track very enjoyable. Feel the surrealistic atmosphere created by instruments and special sound effects. Nod your head to the track and let the music penetrate into your mind.
Soft piano sounds will introduce you to How You Like That while Phokus is taking over with his words on a definitely ghetto track.
You like it raw and dynamic? Then you gotta listen to Put Em Up. The « I don’t give a fuck » track aimed at the haters is a well written and dynamic track. No need to hate, bitches and hoes, Phokus takes you by surprise like a tornado spiral. Impossible to escape from his sick flow, words are surgical and ready to cut enemies off. Well done job.
Shake It For Me is a more commercial sounding track, but well handled and original, though.
Keyboards and beats keep it very rhythmic and Phokus handles flow and lyrics very well.
Hip hop lovers, I’d advice you to check this artist of talent. More music and more info about Phokus can be found at his official website.