4 thoughts on “Eminem at the Jimmy Kimmel show (pics)”

  1. God, what happaned to him!? All his muscles have turnt into fats! I hope he gets better soon. I hope some of his fans don’t leave Em because of his look. (I know some people who can do this!)
    I think this fats came out because of the medication. You know-people gain weight when they leave a habit.

  2. i hope nuttin is wront wit him… be he doesnt look that fat… u can even see his muscles he has a t-shirt on so i dunno how u can tell his muscle turned into fat but who knows.. leavin habits does make u gain weight but i dont think he looks like hes lost his muscle, but then again we cant tell bc he has a tshirt on

  3. It looked like it when the show was live! I was wondering about the weight gain when I was watching it! Hope he is ok!

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