Discover Detroit’s ill prodigy: Phenam

His my space account will allow you to get some insight about his music. You like it dirty, nasty and mixed up with a pinch of Latino flavor? Then you might really like Dirtay Mixx.
Starting like a dynamic dance, Dirtay Mix is a very entertaining track spiced up with some dirty details. Follow the music and dance along the very rhythmic track that draws a funny picture of dirty flirts.
Phebeat is an instrumental track that enlightens rhythmic keyboard sounds. The listener will probably like Phenam’s good beats.
The 2 Spots jazzed up Beethoven Für Elise tracks takes you by surprise, mixing up a ill rhymes with drum beats. Enjoyable dynamic lyrical illness for the listener.
Not only is PhenamMixx enriched with soft soul R’n’B sounds, it also pleasures the listeners’ ears with some scratches sounds and a definitely good hip hop gangsta flavor.
Phenam is his name. Check him out!