Papoose: proudly representing Brooklyn

A few days ago, I was browsing through my space profiles, in search of new talents, when I suddenly came across Papoose’s profile and after listening to a few tracks, I was like ‘ wow, this guy can spit’:
Papoose is really worth a look, so let me introduce you to the skilled rapper.
Thanks to his numerous collaborations with DJ Kay Slay and to his talent, Papoose justifiably earned his « underground King Papoose » title.
Address Me As Mister starts with mad drum beats added to venomous and incisive lyrics aimed at fake bling bling rappers. Papoose likes getting lyrical. Hotter than July, the Address Me As Mister track will lead you into an overheated speech atmosphere in no time. Papoose masters his flow and manages to spice up the ambiance.
I Don’t Know Anything is another well written track where Papoose takes over with confidence and silences his fellow aspiring rappers.
Riding Shotguns is a very rhythmic gangsta track aimed at the cops and provocative on purpose. Papoose proudly represents the streets of NYC with his rapid flow and mad skills.
Papoose is a rap phenomenon who deserves your attention.
If the tracks I mentioned made you hungry for more Papoose music, also check out the artist’s official website.
I particularly recommend you The Hood featuring Jadakiss a very melodic and well written track that truly represent the New York hood and Mixtape Murder that fully enlightens Papoose’s offensive skills.
Although his voice will remind you a little bit of Jay Z, Papoose’s style is unique and original. Check him out: you won’t be disappointed.