Let Brilliance introduce you into his music

Brilliance grew up in Southfield, Michigan as the child of divorced parents. Soon his father would introduce him into black music. Brilliance started focusing on rap music since high school.
Brilliance has collaborated with many Detroit emcees, including Royce 5.9. Brilliance remixed Royce’s Wet My Whistle from hi Independent’s Day album.
On his official website, you will be able to appreciate Brilliance’s skills with the song Stronger that has been produced by BR Gunna.
The song is introduced by some nice beats and keyboard sounds and shows some good lyrical offensiveness. Brilliance has the qualities that make a good emcee. His good flow delivery make this song very enjoyable for the listener.
Brilliance also offers you the possibility to check some other songs like the Wet My Whistle remix, Dream Freestyle 2003, Let’s Ride etc…
Brilliance loves to play with words and he makes you feel the passion through his words and instruments.
Get Cha In Tha Mood is a very well written track with a Spanish sounding background. Again, the young emcee is likely to impress his listeners with his stormy and speedy flow.
The talented and creative emcee also exposes a softer side on his my space account with Chante’ song, a song that is dedicated to his girlfriend.
I also recommend you Live By The Gun, a well written song that probably won’t leave you indifferent.
What was this young man’s name again? Oh yea…Brilliance. Take some time and let this young Michigan talent show you some of his brilliant work on his different websites.
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