16 thoughts on “Eminem Superbowl pics”

  1. well many ppl get sick once in a while. Just like u…n’ me… (hopefully hes not too sick)

    Nice what uve done with da site…
    Looks all new n’ cool n’ my favourite pic is up there…
    I like it…

    O tho its not so simple anymore. But ill live….:D

  2. did any off ya’ll see jimmy kimmel last night? the show was in detroit and although em wasn’t a guest,there was a hysterical segment with em and jimmy playing basketball.ya’ll r right em has put on weight,BUT it’s all good weight! he looked healthy and as fine as ever!

  3. Hey Isabelle, I was going to post on this site every since I seen the Jimmy Kimmel thing! Em is putting on some weight, that is what I thought as well! I was going to ask you the same thing or if it was just me! LOL…..His face seems to be really red all the time now! Yeah I hope he isn’t sick, or doing bad things again! I hope he isn’t sick either! Keep us informed!!!

  4. Hey, a thought just hit me…..Think it is possible that Kim is pregnant again? I think this because Em could be gaining weight because his wife is pregnant again! When I was pregnant with my first child my hubby gained weight and I didn’t! He had my cravings and ate alot!!!

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