Hydro & Diabolic/ Targets of Society album review

Rating: 4 stars ****
Ladies and Gentlemen, keep your eyes wide open. You are about to read the review of Hydro& Diabolic’s Target’s Of Society. This will be an exclusive review, because the group’s album ain’t out yet.
I will share my impressions about this brand new album with you. New music to your ears will be brought to you by the dynamic duo.
I recently gave you a short presentation of the group.
Now let’s get into depth into Hydro& Diabolic’s brand new album.
After a short introduction, the duo introduces you into their battle.
Definitely anti commercial and politically engaged against Bush, Hydro and his fellow Diabolic are come up with a very rhythmic track aimed at their haters, Y’all Ain’t Ready. Hydro and Diabolic are ready, though. The battle of Armaggeddon has begun against the society, the industry. Hydro and Diabolic are true representatives of the streets, who speak their minds and who don’t need to be featured in the Source magazine to tell the truth about our society’s happenings. Instrumentally, the violin background combined with scratches make the listener feel the dramatic dimension of the song, that resembles a dramatic symphony. Very beautifully handled by two gifted artists who take their passion for hip hop seriously.
Held Back, track Nr3 is an instrumental jewel: the artists mix up keyboard sounds with violin and piano sounds and shows the duo’s harsh struggle to make it in the rap game. Hydro and Diabolic show some good lyrical skills on that track too. Sing along and feel the rage and the passion.
Fuck The Society is probably the best song of the album. I highly recommend it to you. Put your middle fingers in the air and be ready for the two rebels to take you into their world. We live in a society where citizens can be looked at as victims. One single man, George W Bush, acts like a dictator and his actions have harsh consequences for people.
The tracks is very critical against an American policy that has made more victims among the underprivileged of this world than it has made winners.
The song starts like a gig. Violins introduce the rhythmic track that is followed by rhythmic beats and maracas sounds. Diabolic comes up in a very offensive way and with a gritty voice. Angry and determined to speak his mind, he introduces you into the song with passion.
You could barely sit on your chair while listening to the song unless you are ill. Fuck The Society is an obvious invitation to stand up and dance to the track. Excellent from the beginning to the end.
You Don’t Understand is another complaint straight outta the streets of Toledo for people to understand the harshness and struggles of street life. Life in the ghetto is a constant struggle of survival. Rhythmic and instrumentally well handled track.
Track Nr 7, The Last Time brings in a very somber atmosphere and gets very lyrical. It is certainly worth your attention.
I also recommend you Click Bang and Keep It Hype featuring Struggle.
Globally, Targets Of Society is a very well handled album. Hydro and Diabolic put a lot of lyrical efforts into this album. Instrumentals and beats are well handled too. Most of the tracks are very rhythmic.
This anti commercial and politically engaged album is definitely worth your buy. It will be available on Hydro and Diabolic’s my space acccount in a very near future.
Both emcees are very gifted and passionate at doing their thing. After listening to them, you probably wouldn’t care if I told you that they are white, because only talent matters.
I highly recommend you Targets Of Society. I gave it four stars.

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  1. I highly agree with all of this i have this album and i love it the songs are strong and have alot of meaning in them if you really listen to the words i strongly support hydro and diabolic i think they will go far and i will support them the whole way

  2. i read this blog went got the cd. its one of the best cd’s ive heard in awhile the way they came with the lyrics you just dont hear music like this no more an diabolic an hydro brought it on this cd. ii give it 5 stars my self. so be sure to pick it up from ur local store.

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