Betty Kresin made some new statements about Eminem’s wedding…

I’d like to express on the subject and especially give you my opinion about what she says concerning Eminem’s mom, Debbie Mathers…stay tuned, folks…an article is coming soon:)

6 thoughts on “Betty Kresin made some new statements about Eminem’s wedding…”

  1. It’s not about the subject, sorry, but I’ve heard Eminem is gonna sell his wedding pics to Hello! magazine.If it’s true, then the wedding pic that everybody talk about is fake as most of you said. But I just don’t understand, how come Eminem is selling his wedding pics to a magazine!? He was not that kinda people who sell the pics for fame or money!
    For more info about it click on
    Isa, please let us know if you have an idea about it is true or not.

  2. I have heard about this rumor too…the trouble is, Em is not the kind of person to sell a pic to a tabloid, as far as i know…well maybe there is a logical explanation to all this…don’t worry, i keep investigating about this pic and i will do my best find out about the truth!

  3. you needs to be happy for them! i know i am!!! its great theat they got back together! it shows that they still have love for each other!!! now hailie has both parents at home !! with 2 sisters!!!
    ashley kresin- kennedy

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