7 thoughts on “This pic has been taken at Eminem’s wedding…”

  1. yea…I agree…his life has been pretty much of a living hell all those years…ppl keep hunting him all the time…i hope his break will help him to get out of the spotlight and to chill with his family…he deserves that break…but some ppl just don’t wanna grant it to him…

  2. Eminem & Kim getting remarried is an inspiration. I’ve been married & divorced twice. I have always thought that if two people were meant to be together, then they would ultimately end up together. This is a prime example of two people who are meant for one another.

  3. My dad left us for another woman five years ago. He and my mom got divorced but soon he understood his wrong and dumped that bitch to get back together with mom. If I was my mom, I’d never allow him in our house, I’d never overcome the fact that he cheated on me, but you know their love is so big that they got back together again. And we are living together ever since. That’s like the relationship of Em & Kim, maybe that’s why I love them this much. I hope them to never break up again, they belong together.

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