A few words about Eminem and Kim’s wedding…

« And if that mockingbird don’t sing and that ring don’t shine
I’mma break that birdies neck
I’d go back to the jeweler who sold it to ya
And make him eat every carat don’t fuck with dad (haha) »
Eminem, Mockingbird

First of all, congratulations to Marshall and Kim! I wish them both best luck from the bottom of my heart.
Eminem’s publicist from Interscope Records, Dennis Dennehy, confirmed it: since yesterday, 5 pm, Em and his ex wife Kim are now married- for the second time.
Many people wondered why Eminem decided to remarry Kim after he dissed her on his records. I’d strongly advice people who keep asking this question to read my Kim Mathers archive, which will certainly help them to understand the context in which Eminem’s songs were written and the background for the couple’s rocky relationship.
Marshall and Kim’s story goes back to their teenage years. Debbie Mathers took Kim- who was running away from an alcoholics’ home with her twin sister Dawn- into her house and raised her as her own daughter.
Marshall and Kim first fought against each other as foster brother and sister, but when Marshall was around 16, it turned into love and Marshall started dating Kim.
Marshall’s relationship with Kim has always been a complicated mixture of love and hate, a relationship during which both kept hurting each other.
I have always had this impression that one could describe Marshall and Kim as the couple who could not live with each other, but who could not leave without each other either. It has always been passionate and left deep wounded hearts on both sides.
On the one hand, Marshall’s relationship with Kim has always been stormy.
When Hailie was born, Kim often used her daughter as a weapon against Marshall to obtain what she wanted.
The couple has alternated periods where the relationship was off and on.
Sometimes suffering hardly from the separation from Hailie and also longing for Kim, Marshall used his evil Slim Shady persona to diss Kim.
Many Eminem fans have misinterpreted Marshall’s intentions that were revealed to the public in his Angry Blonde book as desperate SOS calls to get Kim back.
Also, Marshall had real difficulties coping with the Hot Rocks Café incident. He felt humiliated when he discovered that Kim had kissed John Guerra in the parking lot.
I was quite difficult for him either to know that Kim got pregnant from another man, just six months after the couple’s divorce in 2001.
On the other hand, Kim had to deal with Marshall’s fame and the huge inconvenient of it. All of a sudden, Kim saw intimate details of her life displayed in the media. Many people might not be conscious of it, but it is rather humiliating for a wife to see your husband beat up a « Kim doll » on stage-even for fun.
Kim was exasperated with the media’s exposure and it was quite a heavy burden for her to share her husband with the whole world.
All those mental pressures probably combined with the couple’s numerous arguments, lead Kim to suicide. In July 2000, Kim tried to slit her wrists in presence of her mom (who called 911) and of Eminem’s younger brother Nathan.
Problems of cocaine addiction and other private problems didn’t simplify Kim’s every day life.
The couple was eventually divorced in 2001.
Marshall felt devastated at this time of his life and his statements about a further marriage were quite clear in 2002: Marshall didn’t want to get married again.
Marshall and Kim seemed to had parted their ways when Kim was into her relationship with Eric Harrter in 2001, the father of her second child Whitney who was born in May 2002, and Marshall was into a long term relationship with 8 Mile star Brittany Murphy and had a several months affair with Mariah Carey.
However, people were really surprised after scandal author JR Watkins revealed that she had written a book revealing some dirty details about Marshall, Kim and their whole family, spoiling his 31st birthday.
Just a while after Eminem, Kim and Kim’s scandalous cousin had spoken out on Mojo in the morning, Eminem and Kim went back together.
Eminem was even ready to take care of Kim’s second child Whitney and had to face some legal battles against Mary Hartter, Eric Hartter’s mom who battled for Whitney’s custody.
In 2003, Eminem expressed the wish to remarry Kim. Unfortunately, while Eminem was touring in Europe in June 2003, Kim was arrested for cocaine possession and dark clouds were hanging over the couple’s wish to remarry. Back in Detroit, Marshall who was very angry against Kim, asked the Court for Hailie’s full custody.
The months that would follow would be living hell on earth for Marshall. Kim did not appear at Court’s arraignments and went AWOL several times. She also failed in her promise to pursue a rehabilitation program and suddenly disappeared, leaving Marshall alone with three little girls: Hailie, Alaina and Whitney.
Whitney was probably too young to realize what was happening in her life, but Hailie and Alaina (who had been adopted legally by the couple several years ago) probably went through a real drama, not knowing why they didn’t get any news from Kim.
A magazine had published a pic of Marshall looking lost, tears rolling on his checks. This picture probably gave an idea of what Marshall was going through to the readers.
When Kim was found by the police, she would be sentenced to jail and she had to pursue a rehab program for several months.
Back home, Kim reconciled with Marshall. Marshall had to face his own addiction demons in 2005 and disappointed fans all over Europe saw the cancellation of the European Anger Management Tour in August 2005.
Last December, Eminem announced his plans to remarry Kim on Mojo In The Morning.
Some nosey tabloids added to the superstar’s stress and Em has been very discrete about the place of his wedding that occurred yesterday at Meadow Brook Hall, Michigan.
Some of you said: « he first said « ‘Bleed bitch’ and now he ties the knot for the second time? »
To those of you who share that point of view, you should definitely make a difference between Eminem as an artist and as a person.
You all know Eminem, but you have a distorted image of Marshall Mathers as a person. He is very much family oriented and his intentions to give his couple a second chance honor him.
I have been reproached many times to have some insights about Eminem’s life. As a biographer of his, I find his life very much interesting and the numerous details about Marshall’s life help the listener to understand his music better, because of the numerous autobiographical details it contains.
My role as a writer for my different places is also to help my readers to make a real difference between Eminem’s personas and Marshall as a regular family father and husband.
Feel free to comment on this article. However, as a fair warning groupie alike comments such as: « Eminem can do better than Kim, Kim is a slut, he’s mine » will be automatically deleted. I won’t tolerate anything demeaning towards the Mathers family to whom I wish all the best for the future.

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  1. I to do understand the life of Marshall. I too have been there. It is very difficult and hard to be accepted by the (bullies), and the public when you have a life that is totally messed up, and when drugs and alcohol is a factor. Been there, did that. I really appreciate EMINEM’s music, I related deeply with him and his feelings. People really don’t get what it is like to live a life of disappointments every single day, especially like his (was). I am sure the Marshall his a heart of gold and would do the world for his family, but they have to give him that chance too. Divorce sometimes is not the answer, because love is still there, AS for Marshall and Kim remarrying, GOD BLESS THEM BOTH. I WISH THEM THE BEST. CONGRADULATIONS. As for the children,Damm they are lucky to have a dad like that.You can see the LOVE.. Well one day before I die I would love to meet Marshall Mathers.They say everyone has a death wish and that happens to be mine. Good luck, and forever happiness to the both of them from a one in a million fan. LOVE YA.

  2. Kim and Eminem do have a few issues to work out but with a little communication i think they could make the 2nd marriage work again. As long as they have the communciation skills and really love each other they can be a happy or happier than they were before. I love eminems music and only want the best for Kim, Marshall, and the girls. Best of luck Mathers family and eminem keep doing what you do best rapping and being a loving husband and father

  3. thats why i like art… any kind… but rap is probably the best…
    U can throw all your anger in it and youll be free of it for weeks. He made 97 bonnie & clide and Kim and that was practycally it… Besides that was hes evil persona… But what about Marshal?? Well the one Who just married Kim was Marshal.. U can be cyber marryed to Slim Shady or Eminem but NOT MARSHAL MATHERS!!! But dont get too carried away with beang cyber maried 2 him cause thats allsow stupid n’ very bad.
    I only kiss a peace of paper where theres something looking like Eminem’s face but nothing else.
    There was a test about marshal in a magazine. The thing is that it sayd Eminem and then asked cuestions about Marshal… Well I know everything about Eminem from hes songs but i know nothing about Marshal. Only that he had a child, got marryd, devorsed and now remarried..
    AND THE KIDS..!!

  4. I have met some freak several years ago, a creepy teenager who pretended to be “cybermarried” to Em…i hope that she solved her mental problem thanks to a psychiatrist…lol

  5. Thank you for this wonderful blog. I am a big fan of Eminem and I think he’s gotten a bad rap. He is obviously a devoted father that wants to make changes to become a better father. I had no idea about Kim’s other daughter Whitney. Props to him for taking in these children and caring for them.

  6. I would like to say that you did this article very well. As you mentioned in the blog there is a distinct difference between Marshall the artist and Marshall the person, and I just dont think people understand that. I think you said it well, that there relationship is complex. Its a love you hate you, but can never live without you. I myself was taken back by the whole getting remarried thing, because I just felt that she had really hurt him so much that he would want her back. But again I think its deeper, I feel that he may not be doing this for himself, but now for the three kids that he has taken upon himself to be a father. I wish them the best in their relationship, and hope this time it can have a happier ending. I look forward to any future cds that may come. He is an awesome artist and the world has definetly been changed through his words.

  7. eminem made THE RIGHT CHOICE.
    Congrats and God bless them both…
    And, one day, I hope he starts rapping for Jesus.

  8. ROTFL…rapping for Jesus? Em ain’t no MC Hammer…don’t misinterpret me, i do respect Hammer, but Em is a battle emcee…he ain’t no “gospel rapper”, gosh…this gotta be a joke!

  9. I think that it is great that they worked things out. You can really see his life through his songs. Relationships always have there ups and downs. Some more than others. I say srew anyone who says anything negative towards his decision. Happiness and family are the only things that matter. I admire Eminem for his music and his views. I am a huge fan and will continue to follow his life story and listen to all of his music. Love and God Bless!

  10. I want to wish Em and Kim the best of luck. I love listening to Em’s music. I feel like some of his lyrics apply to my life and I understand where he is coming from. So good luck Em!


  12. i’d like to tht i am a massive eminem fan, he is my idol, im glad tht they have resolved they’re problems and decided to get married agian.when i first heard his music it helped me through all my problems and taught me how to stick up for myself and to be more outspoken, i admire him and so much for his music and himself for everything he’s done he’s shown that everyone can do anything if you want it bad enough.i thank him from the bottom of my heart and hope tht him, kim and the kids have all the happieness and all the love in the world.
    good luck eminemXxx

  13. I think that it is great that they worked things out. You can really see his life through his songs. Relationships always have there ups and downs. Some more than others. I say srew anyone who says anything negative towards his decision.

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