Swifty Mc Vay interview

With his awaited solo album release that is due to release sometime in January 2006, D12’s Swifty is making the headlines. He is featured on More Hip Hip Dot Com.
Swifty speaks out about his projects, local Detroit rappers, Obie Trice’s health condition…the interview is definitely worth your interest…
Swifty McVay
Interview by Stefanie Philippou
1) MH2- What have you been doing since the D12 world album and the AM3 tour, are you currently working on anything?
“Yeah, I’ve been in the studio working with my production team, called, The Fyre Dapartment, you know what I’m saying, I’ve been in the studio everyday recording the songs getting touch-ups with my solo project, got a couple of projects coming out, we got an album called, Forest Fyre, that’s dropping the end of this month which, is just me and my production team, and we just trying to keep the ball rolling we are going to go and do a D12 album this year too. Ever since this tour ended I’ve been in the studio all fall and all winter going to put it down for all ya’ll.”
2) MH2- What inspires you when you are writing lyrics to your beats?
“My people that surround me, my production team, I pretty much grew up with them, and we got a chemistry so strong, and they understand me, all around, when they play beats, I catch on to the mood, and then I take it from there, the spirit of hip hop is on me, I hear one of them tracks I get busy.”
3) MH2- Is your solo album coming under Shady Records?
“No its not coming under Shady, this project is coming under the Fyre Dapartment productions, its independent, hopefully in the future I’ll put something out with Shady, but right now we are concentrating on the D12 album, up under Shady, and this one is going to be under the Fyre Dapartment Productions.”
4) MH2- So tell us a little bit about the album?
“Well the Fyre Dapartment they are cats, from Detroit that I grew up with, we got the Fyre Marshall, we got the Fyre Battalion, and we got the Fyre Inspector, we also got the Fyre Dispatcher, we all came up together, way before the D12 days and when ever there was time for us to get a break and work on our solo projects, I just came back to the hood and scooped them, and formulated this formula, and put it together, they always knew my style since day one, so they ride with me on this solo line.”
Fan Questions
1) What do you think about other local Detroit artist getting national deals like Trick, Trick and Hush?
“I think its beautiful, they try to call Detroit the new ghost town, way back in the days ever since King Gordy, and them left and all them cats I see them come up and make things happen in the D, so for them to go in a get that push that gets me more motivated, more pump to see them.”
2) You appeared on Hush’s album Bulletproof, how did it feel collabing with an old friend, you guys did a track together back in 97′.
“Oh yeah, yeah it was like second nature, like I said I’ve seen Hush perform, he has seen me perform, I have recorded with him back in the days and to do that it felt like old times, everything came together real smoothe, we had fun we had laughs, and we just came together like butter.”
3) Many artist don’t get along do you have any beef with anyone in the industry?
“Well right now I don’t have any beef with any artists; I’m just focused on doing my thing man, trying to stay in tune.”
4) I recently saw a picture of Proof and Royce Da 5’9,” does that mean you guys are cool now?
“Well you know we squashed the beef between Royce Da 5’9”, me and Royce we don’t talk we don’t hang we don’t see each other all I know is we squashed the beef from over the past and he is doing his thing and I am doing my thing.”
5) A lot of artist they go from the music business, to the movie business, would you ever consider going into the movies?
“Oh, yeah man I’m working on a movie right now. Its called “7 days on 7 mile,” it’s a film that’s coming out late this year, I’ve been working on that movie for about 7 or 8 months, I’m about to get everything on the ball, its not a deep hip hop movie it’s a movie about a cat that needs a donor, cause he caught leukemia, it’s a real serious movie. I just doing a lot of auditions for other things, you know other than working on my album, cause that was one thing I always wanted to do, to get in the movies, so I am definitely am in affect with that too.”
6) Obie got shot how is he feeling?
“Damn, he is feeling real good right now, the lord definitely blessed him I went to check him out, and he was laughing, walking around, moving, like nothing happened which is a good thing.”
7) Is there anyone that you would like to work with that you currently haven’t worked with already?
“Yeah, I’d love to work with Ludacris, I’d like to work with Busta Rhymes, I’d love to work with Missy, I’d love to work with Rakim, I’d love to work with KRS-One, there’s a lot of cats, I like listening to them cats, I like a lot of artist but them cats got so much energy lyrically, they just get me pumped I’d like to work with them.”