Jealousy and bitterness won’t lead people anywhere

Two gifted Detroit underground rappers, P.A.C.E (Fullklipp group‘s producer and lyricist) and King James 3, have complained about jealousy and hatred among their fellow Detroit rappers.
King James 3 has even dedicated his haters a brand new song, « Internet Fags » that is available on his my space account.
No matter if you call them « Internet Fags » like King James or « Low key haters » like P.A.C.E, those angry and bitter people who keep attacking their fellow emcees are the ones who destroy the rap game.
Detroit is full of gifted emcees with an original sound and some hot lyrics. However, Detroit rap is so much underestimated, unknown and even sometimes hated within the USA. You might ask yourselves why. Part of the answer lies in people who, instead of helping the game and working together on the common goal of putting the D on the map, spend their whole time in spreading demeaning and hateful comments about their rap rivals.
I’d like to address to those haters today: you are the main threat for Detroit rap. You are dividers, you ain’t no positive contribution, since you are trying to constantly demean people who are trying to make it- just like you.
You won’t reach the top that way. If you think so, you are totally wrong. The best way to reach the top is to remain humble and to always remember where you come from. If you really think your fellow emcees are not that good and that you are better, then why not collaborate with them and help them to improve their technical or lyrical skills?
Generally speaking haters and bitter people who prompt to criticize you (I am not against criticism when it is done in a constructive way and when it helps people to go forward) have a bigger problem then they think you might have. I have been told about the different places I have been working on for years: « Anybody can do this! »
-« Ok, if anybody can do this, so why don’t you do it? » was my response.
I silenced them bitter people in one second, because they found no reply to my ironical question.
When you are angry, jealous or uncomfortable about a person, you should definitely take an attentive look at yourself: are you uncomfortable with your own person? Probably yes.
Only people who feel unsure and who are bitter about their own failures spit much venom and try to destroy people who are trying to build up something. Heal yourselves from your bitterness and jealousy by trying to give a sense to your own lives until your envy eats you up literally.