Eminem and Kim apply to retie the knot

The marriage application is basic: Marshall Bruce Mathers III. Kimberly Anne Mathers. Macomb County, Michigan.
The wedding, however, isn’t so cut and dried.
On Monday afternoon at the Macomb County clerk’s office, the woman known to legions of hip-hop fans as simply “Kim” — ex-wife of Eminem — submitted her license application for a Michigan marriage — to Eminem.
The application was processed by the clerk Tuesday, said a county spokesman, and is expected to be picked up today by the bride, groom or both.
But info on the wedding ceremony itself remains as elusive as it’s been since Eminem announced in December that he and Kim Mathers would likely remarry. As the Free Press reported in July, the couple had reconciled in late 2004, three years after finalizing the divorce of their first marriage.
Word circulating around Detroit has pegged the couple’s wedding to this Saturday, a date bolstered by the Star tabloid magazine, which in January published what it claimed was a copy of the wedding invitation. But the Em camp has been scrupulously tight-lipped about details. Monday’s license application means only that the couple has 30 days to marry in Michigan.
The couple, who met during their teens, have deep Macomb roots: Both grew up in towns along the Detroit border, and Marshall Mathers attended Warren Lincoln High School before dropping out.
Dennis Champine, director of community relations for Warren Mayor Mark Steenbergh, said that Warren police have not been notified of a pending Eminem wedding, which “may occur in the city of Warren, though we have no confirmation.”
But Champine, who witnessed the media and fan mania that took over Warren during the rapper’s 2001 gun trial, said he wouldn’t tell if he did know.

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