Eff’d Up, a hot rap group representing Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Eff’d Up is a rap group from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. The group is composed of Fro Fo’ Sho aka Fresh 2 Def, Sully Sull aka The Sultan and Capriatti aka Ill Cap.
What are Eff’d Up’s major influences?
The group has been influenced by rappers like Public Enemy, NWA, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Jay Z and many more, but also by major pop artists like The Beatles, The Doors etc…
In fact, Cap discovered hip hop through Run DMC. His friend Mike introduced him into Public Enemy and The Fat Boys.
Public Enemy made Ill Cap realize the meaning behind the words and when he met his friend Fro Fo’ Sho, both men shared their passion for hip hop and began collaborating on Effit Records(‘the group’s label):
« Meanwhile, the messages of Chuck D and antics of Flava Flav, opened my mind to new ideas, and I realized that there was a much bigger story behind the rhymes and the beats. April 20th, (4/20) 2005, that’s when I met Fro Fo’ Sho, getting crunk, at a mutual friend’s house party in EauClaire Wisconsin. He beat boxed and I freestyled, and later we went song for song when we showed off our Cds. I knew imediately that I had met someone with enough passion and talent that I could let loose and be as creative as I wanted to be. Soon I was listening to Fro’s beats and seeing his work ethic, I was down for the cause. Within weeks, he invited me to join his fledgling Effit Records. You know where I stand. Opportunity only knocks once, I’m answering the door.»
What makes Eff’d Up so much interesting?
Ask me and I’ll tell you: first of all, the way they come up on a track. I mean with a lot of energy, an amazingly good flow and some inventive lyrics. I particularly recommend you Crack ‘N The Pavement, a track that is nicely introduced with violins, light harpsichord sounds and scratches.
Lyrically interesting with a very nice flow delivery of the group members, the track is definitely aimed at an underground hip hop loving audience.
That’s some good authentic rap the listeners shouldn’t miss in any case.
Twenty Six Eight Four will also transport you into a very dynamic dimension while Friends points the importance of true friendships. It is also a call for forgiveness about past mistakes.
Discover the group’s photos here.
But also, don’t forget to check out Fro Fo Sho and Sully and Effit records’ my space account.
Eff’d Up is a group that is definitely worth your interest. Check them out!