Wishes when 2006 is at the door

People who have read my profile have quite a precise idea of my professional and personal goals.
I’m not the kind of person who will make some real philanthropic wishes. My own way of being philanthropic is maybe my way of sharing my passion and knowledge of hip hop with you. Of course, I wish a better world to live in like many of us. However, I am very much focused on the precise goals I’d like to achieve.
I am a person of faith and I am pretty much sure that I will reach my goals, little by little, with very much work, sacrifice, patience and determination. Little goals are easy to reach, but in my case the things I’d like to reach cannot be realized within one single day. I know that they might even take a few years more to be totally fulfilled.
So what do I wish for 2006 to come true in my life? Of course, if I could see all of my wishes come true, I’d be delighted and probably the happiest person on earth.
Well, I wish at least to reach one of my goals, no matter if personal or professional.
Many of my Detroiter friends say « Peace and Progress ». That’s exactly what I am thinking about: always to be in progress since the start of my long journey that is all about the passion that makes me tick.
When you can look back at all the efforts that have been done and say with pride : « I’m in progress », then half of your goal has nearly been reached.
I am asking God to let me reach at least one of my goals in 2006.
Dear readers, I also wish you to achieve your own goals and to fulfill your dearest wishes.
Enjoy New Year’s Eve and remember to stay focused on your goals! 

3 thoughts on “Wishes when 2006 is at the door”

  1. My one wish is ofcourse so that the world would be happier n’ stop war. Another is 2 go 2 Eminem’s concert n’ get the rest of the cd’s that i havent got yet. I allsow wish to understand others better, Be a better friend…
    I hope that you all get what u want as well (exept if its tryn’ 2 get eminem’s personal info n’ marry him or somethin’) And Isabelle i hope u get to atleast meet Eminem.
    Happy New Year’s Eve n’ New Yearwhen it comes everyone!!! Enjoy!!!

  2. Thanks, RapCat, I appreciate your input:)
    I also wish you a Happy New Year 2006…same 4 you, Toly:)

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